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Well Walking Dead fans, I'm afraid things don't look very good for our boy Daryl. After the shock ending to Episode 15, "East" Daryl fans were left shocked and surprised as the Savior Dwight snuck up and shot him, spraying the camera with blood. It was brutal and unexpected and let me tell you, the outrage on social media was very real:

But, before anyone starts any sort of riot I think we better all take a deep breath and take an analytical approach to this shocking event. Take a look at the following four reasons that prove that Daryl is definitely not dead, and be sure to let me know whether or not you agree in the comments below.

1. Dwight clearly shot him in the shoulder

The angle of the camera on this shot was very very tricky, but after watching the scene a couple times it becomes pretty obvious Daryl was probably shot in the shoulder. Of course it's dangerous to be shot anywhere at such close range, but I think we can agree that a bullet to the shoulder area is much better than the head.

2. Dwight told us he was ok

As the screen faded to black at the end of the episode, we heard Dwight literally telling us that Daryl wasn't dead when he said "you'll be alright." While some have argued that he could have been saying this to Rosita, or even Glenn and Michonne it seems unlikely, especially because Rosita was being guarded by another Savior anyway.

I think it's even possible that this voiceover was added after the episode was filmed to prevent a similar audience reaction to earlier in Season 6 when Glenn's fate was left ambiguous for four episodes.

3. It would be much too easy a death

Daryl and Dwight have been through some shit together, and to be honest it would just seem so weird for Dwight to straight up shoot Daryl without so much as a conversation beforehand.

In addition to this, Daryl has also risked his life to save Dwight, Honey and Tina back in Episode 6, "Always Accountable" when the Saviors tried to find them in the burned forest. Surely after saving two lives (RIP Tina), Daryl would be allowed a second reprieve from death (the first came in Episode 14 when Dwight had the opportunity to kill Daryl, but instead killed Denise)?

4. Killing Daryl would be counterintuitive

Sure, Dwight and his group also have Michonne, Glenn and Rosita as hostages, but Dwight already knows that Daryl is a strong member of Alexandria. Surely he would want to keep this strong member of Alexandria alive as long as possible in order to gain information from him, right?

Besides, even if Dwight doesn't want information from him, we know that his leader, Negan, will probably want to see Daryl and hear his explanation for wiping out a whole group of his men on the roadside, at the compound and on the train tracks.

Nope, fortunately for Daryl fans, there's no way our boy got an easy death at the end of Episode 15, but what lies ahead for Daryl? Well, that's a little more uncertain!

'The Walking Dead' returns with Episode 16, "Last Day On Earth" on Sunday, April 3 on AMC.


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