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We've just witnessed a spectacular battle between two entities who believe irrevocably they are right, and will (probably) fight to defend their stance to the death. But I'm not talking about Batman v Superman. I'm talking about the very real battle between critics and fans.

Due to scathing reviews, the eagerly anticipated face-off between two of DC's hottest properties was quickly transformed from excitement to apprehension, and high expectations deflated quicker than a blow up mattress in a bonfire.

The Box Office Doesn't Lie

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice currently has a rating of 28% on Rotten Tomatoes, but something doesn't add up; despite the poor critical reception, fans are still flocking to see Snyder's superhero saga. In fact, the film opened to $420.1 million internationally, making it the most successful superhero debut. Ever.

It also set the record for the best Easter opening weekend with its take of $166.1 million, smashing the previous holder Furious 7 by almost $20 million. So why is there such a disparity between reviews and receipts?

Batman v Superman has been panned by critics (Source: Warner Bros.)
Batman v Superman has been panned by critics (Source: Warner Bros.)

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. domestic distribution chief Jeff Goldstein explained why he felt there was such divergence in opinion. He said:

"There is no question this is an extraordinary achievement. Clearly, audiences have embraced it and we are already seeing repeat business. It's just fun. Often, there's a disconnect between critics and audiences."

'An Enjoyable Afternoon At The Movies'

It's hard to disagree with Goldstein's comment, and one sentence in particular stands out: "It's just fun." Okay, there may be plot holes and unanswered questions, but this is a superhero movie, and for many fans of the comic book characters, the experience of going to watch the movie was an enjoyable one.

In an interview with Variety, Goldstein elaborated by claiming there is a "disconnect" between critical opinion and fan joy, claiming BvS was "an enjoyable afternoon at the movies."

This View Was Matched By Fans Who Viewed The Premiere Screening, Before The Influx Of Critical Reviews

Overall, the message is clear: the critical opinion doesn't always directly translate into whether audiences will find a film fulfilling. Although BvS has been beaten from pillar to post critically, its performance still suggests that the DCEU will be able to rival Marvel, at the very least financially.

Have you seen 'Batman v Superman'? Do you feel the reviews are too harsh?

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