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The brilliant thing about most Disney classics is that they appeal to audiences of all ages, packed with subliminal messages that fly over your head as a child but are caught by adults. This official Disney artwork by Heather Theurer is in the same vein, using minute attention to detail to vividly capture the creepier side of Walt Disney.

Theurer debuted her latest piece, titled We’re All Mad Here — and inspired by Alice In Wonderland — at WonderCon in Los Angeles last weekend, so we thought it an excellent opportunity to share with you some of our favorites from her Disney portfolio.

'We’re All Mad Here'

'Ohana Means Family'

'The Insatiable Mr. Toad'

'Never Let It Go'


'Drawn To The Shore'

Head over to Heather Theurer's website to check out more of her awesome artwork.

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Source: Heather Theurer


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