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Ah, Dreamcast. In all of its infinite joys and cute idiosyncrasies, it was just a little too ahead of its time, and "out there" for the general public to truly get a grasp. Though the console had many a iconic game slip into its disc drive over the 3 years it was active, the DC found itself slipping behind the successes of its more muscular rivals, PlayStation 2 & Xbox, and Nintendo 's GameCube with its solid third party support and... handle.

What a babe
What a babe

But apart from having amazing games like Shenmue and Power Stone, to name two, a modem as standard and free online multiplayer, the Dreamcast also had a damn good controller, which was not to be the case if one of these incoming prototypes had gotten its way.

Like any console, the Dreamcast's iconic input device had lots of iterations that didn't leave the cutting room floor, some excellent and some not so much. So, thanks to Gamasutra who unearthed an old copy of the Japanese Dreamcast Magazine, lets have a look at a few finger busting prototypes.

Cutting Shapes

As you can see, a few of these prototypes are odd at best! Imagine playing that semi-circular one at the bottom! Or the one that looks like RC from Toy Story's remote!

Huh? See it!?
Huh? See it!?

Could've dug the first one though. Looks like an angrier version of the Saturn's controller. And the second one looks like Batman '66's Bat-symbol.

What a line-up
What a line-up


With these protoypes we see the designers getting closer to the final design, what with the more focussed cut of the visual memory unit's (VMU) input groove.

And then at the bottom of the page comes something that is truly mind blowing. It looks as if SEGA were toying with the idea of having a controller shaped like a remote control before the Wii was a drip in Nintendo's pool of thoughts.

After looking at these, I can appreciate the Dreamcast so much more. As a curtain call, it was so fitting and will have a controller that will last the ages.

What about you guys?

What's your favorite controller of all time?


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