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Comic book characters are fraught with split personalities. Artist Wizyakuza has welded two faces together using his artistic tool of choice, the blowtorch, to merge the twin parts and confront both sides simultaneously.

The gorgeous works cleverly match portraits of a range of famous figures, with Wizyakazu binding them to create a picture that speaks volumes about each character.

8. The Joker: Heath Ledger Vs Jack Nicholson

All image sources: Wizyakuza
All image sources: Wizyakuza

These two terrifying leers give us a unique understanding of the Joker today. Nicholson appeared in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman as the homicidal maniac, while Ledger stepped it up a notch with his haunting take on the prank king in The Dark Knight (2008).

7. Superman Vs Clark Kent

The two faces of Henry Cavill's Superman in this superb creation remind you, if nothing else, not to judge on outward appearances. The eagle eye of a journalist is transformed into a laser-beam weapon.

6. Batman Vs Bruce Wayne

On the other side of the BvS coin is The Bat himself — or rather, the two faces of Ben Affleck, one in full black-cowled costume and the other as billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.

5. The Hulk Vs Bruce Banner

The schizophrenic halves of The Hulk are sewn together in this epic painting by Wizyakuza. The artist makes special effort to distinguish in size between the two faces, unlike with Superman and Batman, to show the swollen extent of Banner's transformation.

4. Venom Vs Carnage

The alien supervillain Venom appears, tongue and all, in this slavering fusion with brother Carnage. Though both are related, Carnage is a singular entity — having blended with its host Cletus Kasady rather than being a dual-life monster like Venom.

3. BB-8 Vs R2-D2

The two lovable Star Wars robots, new recruit BB-8 and older R2-D2, are seen head to head in this bonding of their familiar profiles. Though they are separate beings, they have such similar characters they could be considered relations.

2. Squirtle Vs Blastoise

The tiny turtle Squirtle is seen alongside Blastoise, its appearance after two evolutions. The larger turtle is armed with twin water cannons on either side of its shell, demonstrating the power under the skin of even the cutest Pokémon.

1. Samus Aran: Face Vs Power Suit

The intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran is revealed in her two guises in this image. She usually appears throughout the Metroid games in her red metallic power suit as on the right of the picture, but at the end of each run-through her face is revealed without the armor.


Which is your favorite Wizyakuza creation?

Source: Wizyakuza


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