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Those skin flaps, gaping cheeks and gleam of bone sure do look real in horrors like The Walking Dead. Ever wondered how they're created?

A YouTube collaboration by Freakmo and Powdah (a.k.a. Kiana Jones and Marc Clancy) exposes the innards of the horror special effects process by creating a grisly infected knee.

The video opens with shot of the final stages of the fake gore — pinching the torn "skin" together with thread so it appears to be a wound come undone on a hospital table.

Jones explains each stage of the process. First they mark out the area of the wearer's knee on clingfilm — the appliance is personalized, like an expensive suit.

On top of this, the Australian pair knead a clay mould with loving hands. They pour bright pink silicone over this and wait for it to set. Onto this second mould they pour a fresh layer of the flesh-colored silicone-based mixture.

This is peeled off and painted, which is where things start looking less like a school project and more like something out of a Saw movie.

Jones says:

"Sponge it to make it more matt and skin-textured. Next my blood-red meaty color in around the edges. Then a semi-opaque pus-color and a browner version on top."

She fixes the plastic layer on her knee with a thin layer of adhesive and dissolves the edges with alcohol before feathering the edges and painting them with anti-shine paint. This flush melding gives the gore that jointless effect that's so eerily realistic.

The surprise addition of K-Y Jelly is brushed on top to lube up the wound and make it appear damp. The rule that you shouldn't toy with your food doesn't apply to the YouTubers, who had a "play" with the wound by sewing it up and unpicking the thread to give it an extra bite of realism. Yummy.

Watch the meaty five-minute video:

Do you know any gruesome make-up tricks?

Source: Freakmo and Powdah via Sploid


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