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Welcome to "Last Month In Movies", a column that takes a look back on all the new releases that came out in the past month. Posted at the end of every month, LMiM talks about the good, the bad, and tops it off with a "Movie of the Month".

Note: I do know that this is the second time I've posted a LMiM late into the next month, but I promise that April's edition will come out before 'Captain America: Civil War'.

This month was, interesting to say the least. We had a Disney animated movie take critics and audiences by storm, a sequel to a modest action flick, a biopic unlike any other and a spinoff/sequel that nobody knew until January. And, after three long years of hype, the long awaited smack-down between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel has arrived! Did it deliver? Read on to find out!

The Disney Smash

In a world where animals have evolved to be intelligent anthropomorphic beings, Judy Hopps (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) becomes the first rabbit on the police force in the city of Zootopia. When several predator civilians start going missing, she must team up with fox con artist Nick Wilde (voiced by Jason Bateman) to find them.

With prejudice being a common topic in today's world, it's no wonder this movie has become the hit we know of today. Not only is the movie relevant, it also has great humor, outstanding voice acting, and the animation, as with any Disney flick, is phenomenal.

Bunker Blast

A woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and two men (John Goodman and John Gallagher Jr.) take shelter in a bunker after an attack has supposedly destroyed the planet.

Although it doesn't directly connect with the 2008 monster hit, '10 Cloverfield Lane' is a phenomenal thriller that will grab your attention and never let go, even after the credits. If you want to know what I thought of it, click here for my review.

The Other "WTF"

Based on the memoir The Taliban Shuffle by Kim Barker, it stars Tina Fey as the journalist who decides to be a war correspondent in Afghanistan despite the possible danger she could encounter. Also starring are Margot Robbie, Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton and Alfred Monlina.

Now I haven't seen this particular movie, but judging by the trailer and the reviews I've seen, it looks like the entire cast pulls off a solid job although the script is a bit weak. If you're a fan of Tina Fey, or enjoyed 'Sisters', this one will definitely entertain you.

Dystopian Disaster

Based on the novel of the same name, 'Allegiant' follows Tris Prior and her friends as they escape Chicago and are brought to an institution beyond their walls. But not all is as it seems when this utopia turns on them, forcing Tris to fight to save their world while a war is brewing between two factions.

I'm not going to sugarcoat it; I did NOT like this movie. The plot is something we've already seen before yet it brings nothing new to the table, the characters are one-dimensional, the actors are wasted (by that I mean their talent is more deserving elsewhere, they weren't drunk during production), and to top it all off, the "message" of acceptance is so preachy I cringed. The only thing that could have made this movie watchable is the war between the two factions, but even the potential in that was wasted. You can hear more about it in my review.

Die Hard in London

The Prime Minister's death bring the world leaders to London for his funeral. But when a terrorist attack decimates the city, Mike Banning (Gerald Butler) must protect President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) and stop the mastermind behind the attack.

Despite its flaws, and a far-fetched view of how the White House could be taken over, I thought 'Olympus Has Fallen' was a movie that I had a lot of fun with. It had intense action, an intriguing villain, and had a 'Die Hard' vibe to it. It's more or less the same thing here, except set in London and the President isn't held hostage. It's a silly movie, but there's a lot of brainless enjoyment to get out of it, even if the CGI looks kinda campy.

Now it's time for my favorite part of the editorial, the "Movie of the Month". After three years of waiting, the end of March brought us the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. Batfleck vs British Superman, Scar as the Wayne Butler, and a heroine that stole the show.

Movie of the Month: 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'

No contest, this was the movie everyone was talking about when March rolled around, this was probably the most anticipated superhero movie of 2016 other than 'Captain America: Civil War' (ok, and 'Deadpool'). I admit, I wasn't exactly sure how I felt about it the first time I saw it, but then after a second viewing, the story was more interesting, Jessie Eisenberg's acting was a bit less cartoony, and Batman was just as awesome. I won't go too much into detail, since you can hear about it elsewhere. Although I will say that while it does get a lot of hate, it's just people voicing their opinion, and mine is that this movie gets better with every viewing.

That's it for this month, but come back in May for the next "Last Month in Movies"!


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