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There is a lot of YouTube Gaming streamer's all over the world.Most of them are from USA..but what if we tell you that there is a two friend's streaming from Europe,from Serbia,and have 300+ peoples on every stream?

We are talking about Andreas and Ivan from Serbia!

Here is a little interview about what they think about each other and about YouTube community!

Q : What do you think about Andreas/Ivan?

ANDREAS: He is a gamer friend that everyone want's,what do i mean about that? He love things that i do,we are streaming and we are good at that,to tell true!

IVAN : He is a good guy.We live 300M far from each other,so i know him really good!

Q : How did you started streaming?

ANDREAS : Ivan and I planed to get PAYDAY 2,just to play together,i said,lest stream,may there will be peoples watching us! We have started streaming and we had like 20+ peoples,not so much but we have enjoyed that! We said " We will continue doing this ! "

IVAN : Well since i love gaming,i contacted Andreas about one game: The Forest. he said its a great idea for us to play it together and to stream it. Since i awlays wanted to play a game and to be watched by many people i was amazed by the idea so that's how we started streaming.

Q : Your reaction when you saw a lot of peoples are watching stream's?

ANDREAS : I was suprised! I have recorded for a YouTube first,and peoples have watched my video's,but still there was not lot of them.When i saw 200+ peoples on one stream,well,there was no comment for that!

IVAN : I felt great,it was like a part of a dream come to be a true, every stream there are more and more people's watching it and every time i feel more and more happy about it!

Q : Is playing and streaming video game's waste of the time?

It depends what person you are.If you are gamer,like Ivan and me,well,then its not waste of the time for sure.It's fun and awesome! When you have friend's on your side watching your back in video game,that is just " WOW " !

IVAN : No. You just, cant waste your time by doing something you love doing.

Q : Your first game that you ever streamed?

ANDREAS : It was PAYDAY 2! We have played a lot of it,50+ hours for sure! Lot of peoples know us just because PAYDAY 2!

IVAN : It was The Forest.

Q : What do you think about streaming game's?

ANDREAS : I think its cool,everyone can do that,when they have free time.You can find lot of good people's around the internet,really fast.Meeting new people's around the world and playing,and streaming game's for fun,not for money or anything is really awesome! I will alway's support anyone,not just streaming,even recording or just playing game's!

IVAN : It's fun thing to do,when you have someone to watch it !


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