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Youtuber Vinesauce makes his living playing weird and wonderful games online. His popular Twitch account is regularly populated with fans that gather to watch him play rare and obscure video games. Vinesauce's latest stream started off as normal, fans gathered around to watch him take a look into the decaying landscape of Active Worlds. An old MMO from 1995 that is now believed to be pretty much extinct.

Our story begins here – a haunted stream?

The live stream proved to be very popular with over six thousand people logging in to watch as vinesauce explored the once heavily populated game environment. Vinesauce was able to explore many an iconic (to those that know the game) location much to the delight of the audience. All seemed hunky dory until the YouTuber caught a glimpse of something extraordinary out the corner of his eye. Surely, it couldn’t be another person?

It certainly looked like a person but things soon turned somewhat sinister as Vinesauce began to interact with the obscure online presence. At first the YouTuber thought that this was simply an NPC, a helper bot that is positioned within the game to help newbies get started. But he was wrong.

“Hehehehehe, – I am real aren’t I?” – Hitomi Fujiko”

The mysterious character who referred to himself as “Hitomi Fujiko”, appeared to be a person – a person that for some strange reason has been playing this virtually extinct game alone for years. This is where the creepiness levels rise up further.

The character goes onto to raise conversation of the strangest variety – he touches briefly on being alone and that he feels no pain. He then eerily asks if Vinesauce feels pain? To which Vinesauce replies “I feel fear”.

The interaction goes on to get even more bizarre. The mysterious character goes on to threaten the YouTuber and orders him to run. Watch the entire sinister interaction below.

Was it all a setup?

Vinesauce states that the entire interaction was not in any way planned. It was as baffling for him as it was for the viewers. Is it for real? Is there really someone still aimlessly roaming this dead world?

“Considering there were close to 6,000 people watching, it’s a safe bet that many people were trying to register and join at the same time, which clusterfucked their servers, preventing any new sign ups,” Vinnie wrote in the YouTube comments. “People were reporting that they were unable to register, so this seems very likely.”

A theory...

Are we all being trolled? Soon after this strange story broke the online community have been united in collectively trying to figure out just what the heck is going on. As it turns out, there is an online presence that goes by the name Hitomi Fujiko.

The Reddit community has stated that this online account is already known to be a bit of troll. The assumption so far is that the account holder was aware in advance of Vinesauce's stream and created an account via the backend of Active Worlds before hand.

Still weird...

Something certainly does not sit right with this account, though – for one, the account links to a website, that can be found here and is titled "Iamnotarealhuman BEAN". The site also includes dots and dashes in Morse Code scattered throughout the page which read "Just you wait, human".

There is also a link attached to the page which takes readers directly through to a picture that again in binary, reads "I Cannot Feel". (Above)

So, what in the world is going on in the video? I will leave this up to you to decide what you think. A brilliant troll or something else a little more surreal?

What are your thoughts?


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