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Spoiler Alert for Scenes in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

So by now if you´re reading you have either seen the movie or do not care about spoilers.

At the end of the blockbuster hit Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman is presumed to be dead. How this happens is he is fighting Doomsday with Wonder Woman while Batman is just standing there like an idiot. Superman takes the Kryptonite spear used by Batman earlier in the movie and stabs Doomsday in the stomach. By ding so it weakens him so he is very vulnerable to Doomsday´s spike going right through his stomach.

Now we see his funerals. One being a personal one for Martha Kent and the other to honor him as a soldier from the government. in the last scene of the film we see the dirt Lois Lane throws onto his coffin rise.

That alone tells you he is coming back. That and he s in the Justice League movie, Henry Cavill is in the top billed cast. But we can´t go on that alone.

He wasn't the only one up for the job!

In the comic line The Death of Superman Doomsday murders Superman. Or so it seems, after a couple months four new heroes all claiming to be Superman take up the mantle in his honor. The four being 16 year old Superboy, John Henry Irons, Cyborg Superman, and a man who calls himself The Last Son of Krypton.

On the left are the four.
On the left are the four.

The four do well fighting crime for awhile. They went their separate ways eventually. The most interesting thing about the ¨Last Son of Krypton¨ is why they all came to town. See right before Superman´s battle with Doomsday he learns that daddy Kent is sick and dying. This makes Superman think irrationally and goes to the fight distracted. Needless to say he loses. But Jonathan Kent somehow goes into the spirit world (No I´m not making this up.) and convinces Clark to not go with the Demons disguised as Kryptonian priests and come back to Earth. They say he came in the form of these men. The Last Son of Krypton claims to have the memories and emotions of Clark Kent. Lois Lane isn't so sure.

Why Does This Matter?

Because how Clark Kent comes back is in the coffin. He isn't really dead but in a deep coma that slowed his heart rate down so much it was undetectable. I am not saying that four Supermen are going to take over, I am just informing you on what all happens up until we find out Superman is in a coma. At the end of the film the dirt rises meaning something is making it do that like it did in Man of Steel when he learned how to fly. I think Zack Snyder is going the coma route.


What do you think? Is Superman in a coma?


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