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HAPPY WEEKEND, everyone! Can you believe it is April already? As per usual, we'd like to use this opportunity to highlight some of the fantastic work that was produced this week, and no, this is not an April Fools joke. These articles are the best of the best, the crème de la crème of all the posts created by all our lovely new Creators this week, and so it is only fair we give them the attention they deserve. Give it up for this week's cool kids and sure to check out their wonderful articles.

Why I Believe 'Batman V Superman' Is One Of The Greatest Comic Movies Ever.... BY Delvin Davis

It has been quite the week, and the Batman v Superman hype train won't be slowing down anytime soon. Did you like it, love it, or did you leave the movie theatre asking for your hard-earned cash back? We'd love to hear from you so feel free to share YOUR opinion on Dawn of Justice with us, just like new Creator Delvin has done. He clearly enjoyed the film and well aware of the fact that it is completely splitting the fans of the genre" he is here to tell you why Batman v Superman might just be one of the greatest DC movies you'll ever see.

GirlFight: Model Kombat Enters Pre-Production BY Kelcey Coe

GirlFight: Model Kombat is an "ultra-violent nightmare horror feature film where girls fight with brass knuckles, barb-wire, and glass fistfights to the death inside a brutal steel cage - all for a chance at a multi-million dollar contract with an international modeling agency and is inspired by true events." That sounds great to me. If you're a horror fanatic and looking a cool new movie, then why not check out Kelcey Coe's latest flick GirlFight: Model Kombat? This film was created to empower women and I'm all for that. Be sure to let her know what YOU thought of the trailer.

The Best Moments in The Flash Season 2 Episode 17 'FLASHBACK' BY Jordan Poyner

It's safe to say The Flash is pretty much killing it right now. I don't know about you but i'm glued to my screen every. single. episode. Luckily we've still got a couple of episodes to go before the season finale, which is bound to be a big one. Creator Jordan Poyner has taken the time to compile a list of top moments from this week's episode. If you haven't watched Flashback yet then this would be the time to move on to the next Top 10 post. If you have, be sure to check it out and to share YOUR favorite moments with Jordan in the comments.

The Early Plumber Catches the Mushroom... So, Wake Up and Start the Game Dude! BY Hector Jenz

One of the MANY things I love about is that I get to read articles about all sorts of things, written by people with a genuine interest in the topic they're writing about. New Creator Hector Jenz seems to agree with me on that. "I took a look to a fistful of Creator's posts. I was shocked by the vast amount of knowledge that I could get from reading these articles!", he writes. Check out Hector's post to get an insight into what could do for you. If you're looking for a place to share your thoughts, work and ideas, just like Hector, then look no further.

The Misogyny is Strong With This One: The Case of Felicity Smoak BY J.

You either hate her or you love her but you can't deny that Felicity Smoak is an essential part of the Arrow team. Her tech skills and quick thinking have helped the squad out countless time, not to mention she's also pretty badass. I think it's safe to say that women are sometimes underrepresented on certain shows and it is therefore fantastic to see a strong female character like Felicity grace our television screens. New Creator J. is here to give you an insight into Felicity interesting storyline and why female characters are equally as important to a superhero show as their male counterparts.

B v S v Me v Myself: A Bipolar Review of Dawn of Justice BY Kevin Quigley

Raise your hand if you've seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Now raise your hand if it lived up to your expectations? Opinions have been divided on the matter, some loved it, and some absolutely hated it. As a fan you've probably come across a ton of reviews over the past couple of weeks, and so one more won't kill you. If you're looking for an additional, in-depth analysis of the film, I'd highly encourage you to check out Kevin Quigley's article. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us, Kevin. Your review was a very interesting read.

Comics Collection BY Naz Haider-Khan

If you've been checking out our Top 10's on a weekly basis then you'll know that the team has got BIG love for fantastic fan art. I came across Naz's amazing collection of comic book and and just knew I had to include her work in the Top 10. She's definitely come a long way from playing around with Paint on Window 95. From Deadpool to Jared Leto's Joker, these low-poly illustrations of your favorite DC and Marvel superheroes are definitely worth a couple of minutes of your time.

Why The Critics Are Wrong About "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice". SPOILER FREE BY Karan Sheth

One thing's for sure, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has got people feeling all kinds of emotions, ranging from hate to love. There's basically NO WAY everyone is going to agree on this one, and so agreeing to disagree seems to be the safest bet at the moment. To each their own, right? New Creator Karan Sheth enjoyed the film, calling it "one of the greatest superhero movies of its time", and he's got every reason to love it. Not sure what brought him to that conclusion? Be sure to check out his review of Batman v Superman and feel free to weigh in on the matter in the comments.

Justice League Movie Theory BY Chirayu Shukla

Before I start, I should mention this fantastic first post by Creator Chirayu Shukla contains a couple of Batman v Superman spoilers you'll want to stay clear of if you haven't gotten around to watching Dawn of Justice yet. If you have then go right ahead and check out Chirayu's interesting theory, and yes, it all revolves around that one specific cameo. You can probably guess which one i'm talking about. Don't forget to let Chirayu know what YOU think of his theory and if you'd like to see a Justice League movie with that storyline.

5 Hidden Batman vs Superman Easter Eggs BY User3838395

Once again, spoiler alert. Who doesn't love to discover some great easter eggs, because I do. Now, if you are one of the many, many people who ran to their nearest movie theatre to watch Batman v Superman, then you'll have probably spotted some of these already. That however shouldn't stop you from checking out this new Creator's fantastic post. Are you ready for some serious easter egg hunting? Then stop what you're doing right now and go check out these 5 hidden Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice easter eggs. How many did you spot?

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