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Rob Harris

A few months ago a patent filed by Nintendo employees surfaced online, kicking up much fuss and causing gamers to go into rampant speculation mode. The trademarked design showed an oval-shaped controller with a screen stretched across its surface:

It wasn't long before assumptions were made that this was indeed part of Nintendo's mysterious NX console.

Seemingly confirming this, an intriguing photo later appeared online which purported to show the unannounced hardware in all its glory:

As predicted, many did say 'wow!' But, alas, all in vain.

Reddit user Idriss2Dev recently owned up to the fake, revealing how the photoshop job was done in this video:

However, you might well ask which devious mastermind was behind this convincing image:

That, as it turns out, was made by a 3D laser printer, and you can watch it being constructed below:

So, it's either good news or bad news depending on what you thought of the doctored designs. In any case, it won't be long before Nintendo show their true hand, with an official announcement expected to be made in the following months.

Did the 'leak' fool you?


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