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Thomas Marsula

So far this movie is either being called OK or down right terrible. There is something I want to purpose as food for thought. So yes this will have spoilers in it. In the first interaction Superman shoves Batman once and claims he could killed Batman. We as the who know what Superman is capable of knows this is true. Superman instead flies away. Batman then gets his hand on some Kryptonite and pushes the second battle heavily in his favor.

Now From what I've seen of some reviews say that Superman is underplayed in the film. I disagree with this notion and here's why. In this film in my opinion Batman represents standing by his words. Batman says he will in fact make Superman bleed and does. On the other hand Superman is a man of action. Think back to the Man of Steel. Sure there was a split of people who loved it and people who hated it. But what is the one scene everyone movie goer was talking about. The controversial neck snap of Zod. He sacrificed the only other Kryptonenian to save a family. He let his actions speak for him.

In Batman v Superman who wins round 3. It's Superman that once again sacrifices himself to save others from Doomsday wrath. It's his actions that mentally shift how Batman behaves at the end of the film. It's Superman's actions that speak louder than Batman's words. Check out my review of BVS down below and tell me if you think Superman won the battle of the minds in the end:


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