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Batman v Superman racked up massive $420 million worldwide this weekend but still many analysts are projecting that it will have a hard time cracking $1 billion at box office and they estimated it will earn minimum $925 million by the end of its theatrical run with a estimated production cost including marketing and advertisements of $400 million.

It is panned by the critics with a 'just' 29% fresh score at rotten tomatoes and audience also gave it a so so 'B' cinemascore but still this will not stop it from earning a hefty profit as according to Deadline, Batman v Superman will earn an estimated minimum profit of $207.9 million once all revenue streams are accounted.

I am assuming that you know that theatrical run is not the only way for movies to earn money. So, here's how BvS will earn a hefty profit.

Domestic & Foreign Box Office Receipts

According to box office analysts, movies earn back 40% from foreign receipts (25% from China) and 55% from domestic receipts for a studio. And BvS is estimated to earn minimum $375 million domestic and $550 million (including $100 million from China) overseas. So this gives us:

Domestic Rental = $206.3 million

Foreign Rental = $180+25 = $205 million

Global Home Entertainment, SVOD & TV Receipts

Its global home entertainment, SVOD & TV revenues are estimated to be:

Global Home Entertainment = $260 million

Global TV = $135 million

This gives us total revenue of $806.3 million.

Total Costs On All Platforms

Its total cost on all platforms is estimated to be:

Production Cost = $250 million

Global P&A = $165 million

Global Home Entertainment Cost = $91 million

Participation & Residual Payoffs To Cast = $92 million

This gives us total costs of $598.4 million.

Estimated Profit

When accumulating all estimated costs and revenues for BvS, this gives us an estimated profit of $207.9 million.

These are all estimates and speculations calculated using other superhero movies, these estimates can go either way, up or down. But looking at the trajectory of its box office numbers we can safely assume that this will be the minimum baseline for its profits despite all negativity around it.

Source : Deadline


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