ByJohn Diamantopoulos, writer at

This is really important for me and i really hope many people will open this post. Read please.

Yesterday i was watching videos on youtube and i saw a captain america: civil war hope promo that had been uploaded by Indiamarvel, but today it had beeb erased. That hope promo was showing some unseen footage that i need. If you have also seen it and you were smart enough to download it i would like you to send it to me at [email protected] or via facebook at Γιαννης Διαμαντοπουλος, you could also search my email in facebook and you will find me, also i dony know if thats possible but if it is you could also send it to me via creators chat . thank you very much for all of you that red this post, if you dont know anything about that video ask your friends please. If somebody sends me that video i will read and comment all his posts.


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