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Both known and forgotten horror films of the 20th Century
Janna Dk MacDonald-Walsh

So, full disclosure, I didn't see the first Cloverfield but as it turns out you don't need to. This story takes place in the same universe as the original "Cloverfield" (2008), but none of the original cast, or story is the same. We are shown an entirely different series of events that takes place the same time as the original film. In this story, we are introduced to a young woman by the name of Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), who was running away from her life when she is accidently run off the road in her car. After waking up in an underground bunker, Michelle discovers she was "rescued" by a man named Howard (John Goodman), who claims the world is being taken over by an unknown being. Aside from Howard, Michelle is accompanied by a young man named Emmett (John Gallengher Jr.), who becomes her ally in a cat and mouse game with their supposed savior. Unlike this film predecessor, this film was not shot in found-footage sequence, which might seem confusing, but I think it's quite refreshing. Sometimes when you do sequel upon sequel for a film series, it's important to mix things up a bit so the audience will stay interested in the series. By doing this not only will the past audience from the original film come back, but it might draw in others who haven't seen the original film. The storyline itself was surprisingly well done, and for the first little while, you forget you are watching an alien invasion film. Instead, you are watching the other possible extreme of human nature, where the person who seems to be on your side is actually your worst nightmare. Like most of JJ Abrams works, we are presented with a strong female protagonist who uses all the tools at her disposal to survive, and actually transforms her character into one of respect and admiration. Winstead stands on her own as strong character, and rivals the acting abilities of acting veteran John Goodman. Goodman and Gallengher hold their own as supporting characters as well; playing an old mixture of caring and creepy characters. To avoid too many spoilers towards the end, I will only say that any special effects used in the film are very well done, and not overused. Regardless of whether or not you watched the first film, go see this one, it might make you want to watch the first one.


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