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This is Herbert Chavez in 1997. This is his real face. A face you won't see anymore when you look at him. Today you will see this:

Let's see how he got from that little person to the man he is today.

"Superman has always been my obsession since I saw one of his movies at the age of four"

When he was a teenager he discovered he liked to wear blue contacts and make up to make him look whiter than he was. A year later he made his first surgery. A nose job, to get his nose thinner:

At the age of 22 he was making really good money as a dress designer for royalty in Saudi Arabia. He opened a shop for celebrities and even for local movies, so now you know how he managed to pay for all this. With all this money he decided to make more surgeries. And so he did.

He had surgeries to cut away the fat, he thinned his nose multiple times and got a cleft chin, whitened his skin, injected silicone on his lips, had a liposuction in his belly, realigned his jaw, and got implants to level his pecs, butt and hips.

He spent around $6000 on surgeries. Not more because some of the surgeries seem to have been free.

Once he was asked if he really was Superman and he answered:

"I want to spread the message that we can all be superheroes, that all of us have that potential within. There have been certain incidents in my life which have made me realize that I'm a real Superman. For example, I'm almost 40 years old and I still have no wrinkles. Isn't it too much of a coincidence?"

In 2015 he went on Botched, the program on E! Channel. . .

Because he wanted to get abs without working out, because he thought that was stupid. The doctors took a look and decided to not operate when they found out that he had been filling his abs and chest with a filler called MesoLipo.

It is illegal in the US and gave Chavez spots and bumpsall over his body and because of this it was too risky to operate.

"‘This Superman needs to get into the gym. Abs of Steel should be gained by exercising and eating right." ’ said Dr Dubrow.

But it's not all bad news for him, in 2013 Guinness World Records said that he owned the largest collection of Superman merchandise in the world with 1253 certified items.

He then said he had more than 5000 of them.

He makes his own clothes and adds to the collection. He's main goal in life is to show Filipinos the true meaning of being a superhero.

Since he went to Botched he has done at least six more surgeries and there is a rumor that he permanently changed his eye color and lengthen his legs with metal splints

"When my body says it cannot endure it anymore or when my doctor says that my body cannot handle it because of age, then I will stop."

He has an official Facebook page and he has his phone number there, that you can call him if you want him to go to a birthday party or a cosplay event like comic con or many others.


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