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While plenty of fans are lamenting the cancelation of NBC's Hannibal and waving it a sad farewell as another show taken from us far too soon, any serious fans with serious cash flow will be able to take a bit of the show home with them.

Thanks to the auction site Prop Store, Hannibal audiences will be able to purchase confirmed props used in the show over its three-season run. Each lot is ensured to be an actual item from the set and comes with a certificate of authenticity to prove it.

Hannibal's Recipe Box

A cool $900 for a nice box and a bunch of recipes sounds like a steal, right? It even comes with recipes like veal piccata, steak and kidney pie, and peppercorn mutton.

OK, the price point is a little steep, but remember this box played an integral role in one of the best cooking sequences in the whole series.

Hannibal's Chef Apron

The asking price for this lovely white cooking coverup is going for a song at just $400. On the plus side, the current bid is only $350, so that person might be getting a deal.

Hannibal's Cutting Board

This Season 2 prop is a purchasable item for the Hannibal everyman. At an asking price of only $50, I think this hunk of wood is well worth the investment.

Hannibal's Suit

To be fair, that isn't the exact suit in the picture, but you get the point. And for $700, this ensemble, actually worn by Mads Mikkelsen, can be displayed proudly in your home.

But wait! There's more!

Even if you don't get to take home one of Hannibal's possessions, for only $23.28 you can buy Feeding Hannibal: A Connoisseur's Cookbook. The culinary guide was written by Janice Poon, the show's food stylist. It not only includes recipes for Hannibal's favorite meals, but also fun artwork and behind-the-scenes information.

Happy shopping, everyone.


Would you shell out this kind of cash on 'Hannibal' props?

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