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Superhero films are constantly taking over our cinemas and gaining a lot of money at the Box Office. Deadpool and Batman VS Superman are classic examples. Netflix zoomed into action when superheroes became a big thing in the film industry. Daredevil soon materialized on Netflix, and fans loved it! Daredevil has officially been renewed for Season Two. Netflix is also the home of the marvellous Jessica Jones. Coming later this year is a brand new superhero show on Netflix is set to appear. This is Luke Cage. Iron Fist and The Defenders are also on their way to the popular streaming website. Will they stop there though? Netflix seem to be hooked with Marvel Comics. Is it time they branched out to DC Comics as well?

Fair enough not every superhero deserves a film. But at least get them on our screens with a TV Show. Netflix is excellent for it’s amazing content. Their popular superhero shows all hit a high audience when it’s released. Without doubt, I’m sure they’ll be back with more. Below is a short list of superheroes that should defiantly get their own show on Netflix!


The legacy hero is only really seen in the comics and never on screen. As Stargirl, Courtney Whitmore inherited the Star-mantle from the Pemberton and uses the same awesome cosmic staff that Jack Knight once wielded. If you are unsure, Jack Knight is Starman.

Stargirl also has a sidekick called Pat Duggan. Pat was once Pemberton’s old sidekick Stripesy. She now fights crimes of course in an armoured suit as S.T.R.I.P.E.

Netflix could easily grab hold of Stargirl and create what could be a really successful show. The show would have Courtney learning how to be a superhero with help from some of her elders. She’d be doing this whilst trying to find out a name for herself. This show would be perfect for a family adventure.


She may share part of her name with the iconic Marvel superhero, Spider-Woman herself is a unique character and has not only the usual abilities (flying, shoot bio-electric energy and all that jazz), she has her spy background too.

Jessica Drew starts out as a “brainwashed HYDRA Agent” in the classic comics. She then eventually overcomes the organization’s control and then becomes a superhero. Later on her in her life she went onto working with S.H.I.E.L.D and the extra-terrestrial group S.W.O.R.D. It would be easily done to establish Jessica’s spy connections in the MCU. All that is now left is for her to have the serum derived from spider blood injected into her.

If this happens, Netflix would have their own superhero action show and secret agent intrigue show merged into one. How amazing is that?


The character “Dick Grayson is said to be one of the leads in the TNT’s Titan, but there has barely been any talk on that project development. If this project gets scrapped, then just give the former Robin his own show.

The show would see Dick Grayson quitting as the sidekick of Batman and moving to Blüdhaven or another city to get a name for himself as the one and only Nightwing! If this show was to go ahead on Netflix, then there must be NO appearances from former partner Batman. Well for at least the first few Seasons maybe? Grayson will need a lot of time to settle in and get his own cast of characters put together. Then Batman can show up.

Nightwing would be phenomenal for its fight sequences and its impressive practical effects. Netflix is defiantly the place for this superhero.

Black Widow

You can see it now. Black Widow trending across Netflix and hitting that spotlight straight away. Fans have reportedly been asking for a Black Widow solo movie. But… It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

Black Widow has proven herself to be a fantastic character overall in the MCU. I think it’s time to show those skills off to the entire world in her own spy story adventure series. Scarlett Johansson is rather popular and on high demand, the show is probably highly unlikely to be a continuous show. But surely it’s worth a shot? Even if it is a one off series, fans would desperately love to see it!

These are just a few examples. There’s of course “The Question”, “Punisher” and “Moon Knight” that could have their own Netflix original show. What do you think?


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