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Maybe it's just me, but I happen to LOVE watching lower budget [horror] films. Specifically, I love cheap, strange, cheesy, horrifically-hilarious movies, with low morale and a high eccentricity. So if this sounds like your cup of potion be sure to check out these five strange, obscure, and underrated features.


Hands down, my favorite, as well as the inspiration, of this list. This play-style, low-budgeted, spotlit gem incorporates a little bit of everything; comedy, occult, horror adulation's, and ROMANCE. If you are an unconventional romantic such as myself, than this may be just the movie for your next date night. Pour a drink, light up (or trip out), and snuggle tight. I can’t promise that you will love it, but I can promise that I totally do, and I am kind-of awesome after all.

Black Sheep

It’s tacky, it’s raunchy, it’s ridiculous, and it’s f*cking HILARIOUS. My only complaint is that this movie wasn’t titled, ‘Attack of the Lamb-chops,’ for my own personal reasons of course. Splatter sequences, bestiality, and best of all, revenge of the beasts!

The only thing that has more blood and wool (combined) than this movie, is an ‘UGG’s’ factory.

Now, what was that joke about the farmer and his sheep again? Oh yeah...

Man With The Screaming Brain

Let me just begin this one with some good old fashion name dropping; Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi. There, I said it! Now, if you haven’t seen, or heard of this title yet and your funny-pants are currently itching, I understand, mine were too. It is just as cynical, goofy, and unconventionally funny as I could have hoped for (I mean, Ash and Joxer the Mighty, together). It also leaves us with three essential questions:

Is the soul attached to it’s brain?

Can a soul share a mind?

Vodka, or Scotch?

Ice Cream Man

The movie that traumatized a 7 year old @RachaelRumancek into not eating ice cream for the following 5 years to come. Or well, (without giving away too many spoilers), meatloaf either. Not a big loss though really, if there is one thing you need to know about my mother, it is that the damned woman couldn’t execute a delicious meatloaf to save her life, (it’s not my fault you haven’t heard of salt, mom). Although I will say, even with all of the cheese-factor this movie has to offer, I personally give the credit to Clint Howard. Not only did he manage to make me laugh uncontrollably, he saved my damned-meatloaf-failing-mother a buttload of money on ice cream as a child.

Zombie Strippers

Considering that this bloody-sexy horror escapade stars Robert Englund (as I am positive my 'Fellow Freaks' can appreciate), it is never short on hysterically inappropriate one-liners. Not to mention, an innovative, yet repugnant use for disinfecting spray (although not an all together bad idea). This movie is packed with porn stars, zombies, and a very dark homage to the pressures of the adult entertainment industry. “Zombie Strippers,’ was made for horror fans, and industry workers alike.

Ready to get weird with me?


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