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Salt Lake Comic Con Fanx brings in a lot of different cosplayers, from all different fandoms. Saturday was the final day of the event, and was an Unofficial Disney Meet Up Day where many of us cosplayers came together dressed as Once Upon a Time or Disney cartoons for pictures and videos

I am actually right there in between Emma&Hook
I am actually right there in between Emma&Hook

One of the biggest highlights, though, was having Yao, Chien-Po, Ling and the rest of the Mulan characters show up. Even Grandmother was there with Crickee!

They sang their famous song, though after all that fighting they did forget a bit of it


They were so great that even the REAL Mulan couldn't help but notice!

They really are the nicest guys, and men worth fighting for. Make sure to follow their official Facebook page to follow more of their adventures!

The Concubines of Utah


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