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*Warning: Spoilers For Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Ahead!*

I, like everyone else, saw [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) this weekend. I left the theater in the early morning hours very disappointed, a bit sad, and most importantly, perplexed. Leaving out the poorly written story, the poorly written dialogue, and the overly-dark tone of Superman, most of my concerns simply had to do with moments in the movie that just either didn't make sense, were just strange creative choices, or seemed to be extremely coincidental/lucky. I'm sure that with the Blu-ray home release of the extended film, we'll see some of these moments better explained or put into context but until then...I have a few questions.

1. Why does Batman keep Jason Todd's Robin outfit encased in Plexi-Glass with the crowbar that the Joker beat him to death with?

Am I the only one who thinks this is creepy? I understand honoring Robin's memory but this is pretty macabre. I don't think this is a sober reminder of the dangers that evil represents but more of a really weird punishment that Batman has put upon himself.

2. Why does Lex Luthor hate Superman?

I literally have no idea why Lex Luthor wants Superman gone. I get that he thinks he's powerful and that he wants a "god" to bow to him...but wouldn't it have been cool to see an old fashioned greedy and maniacal Lex played by a more eccentric and young Jesse Eisenberg? I wanted to see Lex Luthor, not The Dark Knight's Joker before his injuries.

3. Does Lex Luthor know the secret identity of Batman AND Superman?

He outright says near the end that he knows Superman is really Clark Kent and even kidnaps Martha Kent...but doesn't he also say that he's been sending the letters or orchestrating the checks being sent back to Bruce Wayne in order to manipulate Batman? Doesn't that mean he knows Batman is Bruce Wayne?

How is that going to work going forward? Lex knows the true identity of the two most powerful members of the Justice League? Will Superman have to fly around the world backwards in order to turn back time and fix this? God, let's hope not.

4. How did Superman know that Lex Luthor had pushed Lois Lane off of the building?

I know most people are going to chalk this up to super-hearing, but come on, this was a lazy way to get Batman to the scene of the fight.

5. Why would Batman create a spear and gas grenades with the Kryptonite he had instead of more modern projectiles or armor?

This again, I understand from a story point evaluation. If Batman made Kryptonite bullets, the fight would have been over in two seconds...but I really think that Kryptonite laced armor would have been way cooler and more in Batman's wheelhouse than a caveman spear.

6. Why would Lex Luthor create artistic and recognizable logos for each member of the Justice League?

In the email that Batman sends Wonder Woman, each of the meta-humans have very recognizable logos above their files that contain evidence of their existence.

What? WHAT?!?

Why would Lex Luthor spend the time and the money to design logos for people he wanted to capture and/or kill!?

7. Why does Lois toss the Kryptonite spear in the water and how does she know to come back and get it without talking to Batman? How does Superman land back on Earth, after being hit by the nuclear bomb, and immediately know they need the Kryptonite spear without talking to Batman?

This seems like an editing mistake to me.

Lois throws the spear in the water. Batman realizes he needs the spear. Lois goes back to get the spear, without talking to Batman.

Superman is in space, irradiated by a nuclear bomb, gets regenerated by the sun's rays, lands back on Earth, and immediately asks Batman about the spear.

Neither of these situations make much sense without some connecting scene in which Batman explains to them the importance of the spear in defeating Doomsday.

8. Why does Bruce Wayne, a multi-billionaire, drive a Jeep Renegade?

This is an obvious answer. Jeep paid money in order to get the Jeep Renegade, a car that retails for under $25,000, into the movie and in the hands of Bruce Wayne, the multi-billionaire who drives Aston Martins, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, etc.

Come on. This is stupid product placement at its finest. You won't see other superhero billionaires driving Jeep Renegades...

These are just a few of the questions that have been rolling around my head since watching Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and I'm sure I'll have many more...but I do have one last thing to add.

DC...please, please, please. Don't let Zack Snyder direct The Justice League.


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