ByJacob Gomez, writer at

Look! It's a bird, it's a plane! It's a desperate ploy to save Supergirl's TV show. Fans of both series have been waiting patiently for this one (as soon as Supergirl was announced) , does it live up to expectations......well yes and no. Yes it is a good episode, very light-hearted and the chemistry between Gustin and Benoist is infectious, but the problems lie.....pretty much everywhere else. The "Villians of the week" Livewire and Silver Banshee have there typical "revenge on Cat Grant plot" that's is servicible enough, Livewire's abilities are again given there proper attention and Silver Banshee is okay I guess. Someone else can recap the episode better than I so I will leave that alone.

My main issue is that this seems very much like a one and done type of thing. Barry kind of just shows up and helps when he can (he is pretty much brushed to the side when he could easily take both of the Villians on at once) and the word "multiverse" is thrown around a bit.....and that is pretty much it. No real interaction with the DEO or Hank Henshaw, nothing more than "so I am here lets Netflix and chill". Yeah it is good to see Kara and Barry just be around one another and the name dropping between the two at first introductions were funny but all in all the crossover was more of a cameo from The Flash. No real impact on either show just Supergirl pretty much saying to the fans "yeah we could be a massive TV universe where all the characters play a role in each other's lives but I think people would rather see me get coffee for my boss while I flirt with Jimmy......but it could totally happen."


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