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Kerry Cepero

I remember all the talk about Fox's Gotham being sub-par because there was no Batman. How can you have all of Batman's rogues gallery but not have the Dark Knight himself? Well, that problem was quickly solved as Gotham has grown into one hell of a series.

One of the factors that has made Gotham so successful is the brutality exhibited by these same villains. It was billed as a prequel to the Batman mythos but it has taken a life of its own by elevating the level of how vicious these rogues can be.

Images of the brutality committed by the rogues on Fox's GOTHAM don't hide the truth behind this universes villains; they are truly merciless in their ways. They take the comic book stuff and really crank it up. Gotham paints two pictures of these characters. One image is of the actual person behind the legend, the other goes further than the comic book depictions. If you doubt that statement, then just look at Edward Nygma, the man who will become the Riddler. He killed the woman that he loved, and took a crowbar to a co-worker in a successful endeavor to frame Jim Gordon. In the books, The Riddler wasn't this merciless, he was just a low level menace who was more interested in brain games than violence. Here, is a serial killer in the making.

Now what does this mean for the Bruce Wayne of this universe? The young boy has taken a beating on more than one occasion. Obviously he is traumatized by the death of his parents, but he was the target of assassination attempts as well, bringing the boy to the edge of death at such a delicate stage of his life. Bruce has already tapped into the detective vein of what makes Batman so dangerous in finding his target, now he is learning to navigate the dangers lying in Gotham's shadows, without the help of Alfred. Could all of the drama that surrounds young Master Wayne in Gotham be the catalyst for the most violent Batman ever?

No one can predict how much of Bruce Wayne's life GOTHAM as the series goes on. Will DC allow another version of Batman to exist on the small screen? I think it's safe to say that we are years away from having to ask that question. Yet, dare I say that if DC allows a new Batman to be born. This Dark Knight forged in the world of Fox's GOTHAM can potentially be darker than the Nolan/Bale version, and maybe even more extreme than the Snyder/Affleck Batman we just got to see on the big screen.

If this version of the iconic character is allowed to grow into the legend on GOTHAM, then we can expect to see a Batman unlike any we have ever seen before, making this version possibly the best Dark Knight ever. Hey, we can wish can't we?


Will GOTHAM's version of BATMAN be the darkest of them all?


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