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With The Flash/Supergirl Crossover making headlines for being awesome last week, including being the number 1 trend on Twitter, I thought the Glee alumni in that episode was just one of the many reasons to take a look at some TV actors who can really belt it out.

So you probably already know that some of these actors are capable of holding some amazing notes but just in case you don't, we'll take a look at some of the more obvious ones too! You will also probably notice an unusual amount of superheroes on the list (for real, like two thirds of this list features stars from superhero shows!). Thus, here are some TV Stars that can actually really sing!

1. Melissa Benoist — 'Supergirl'

This one most people know by now. But in case you didn't, our first SuperGleero on the list is none other than the Girl of Steel herself. Before she was a kryptonian hero, Melissa Benoist's most famous role was as Marley Rose in Glee. The sweet, kind Marley entered the show at the beginning of it's fourth season, becoming one of the new leaders of the New Directions. She became a regular in Season 5, although all the newbies practically vanished midway through the season. Melissa also met and married her co-star Blake Jenner. The newbies may not have made the same impact as the earlier bunch of New Directions, but there was no denying their talent. Melissa Benoist used the platform to showcase her talent and let her amazing voice speak for itself! Check out Melissa's stunning rendition of Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball:

2. Andy Mientus — 'The Flash'

I only put The Flash down for Andy Mientus because it's his most recent TV work — as awesome as both he and the show are, when it comes to his previous roles, he has demonstrated his immense talent to an even greater degree on Broadway and on Smash as Kyle Bishop. Having appeared on Broadway multiple times, most notably as Marius in Les Misérables and Hanschen in Deaf West production of Spring Awakening. His chemistry with fellow Broadway (and now Superhero) alum Jeremy Jordan in Smash was quite simply brilliant and although at times Jordan's Jimmy Collins was quite unlikable, you could always count on Kyle to ground him. I am a huge fan of Mientus and it's pretty clear that he has a huge future ahead of him on Broadway and TV. I was over the moon when I heard that he was cast as the Pied Piper/Hartley Rathaway in The Flash and can only hope that he shows up more often because he was exhilarating as Rathaway.

Mientus has an incredible voice and although I have been a fan of his singing for a few years, I never actually realized until recently just how powerful his range is. This performance of "Last Week's Alcohol" below is captivating and mesmerising. It's that good. Amazing.

3. Jeremy Jordan — 'Supergirl'

That brings us nicely onto Jordan who, like Mientus, has quite the Broadway catalogue to his name, most notably Newsies. He would also his feature film debut that same year in Joyful Noise alongside Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton and most recently starred in The Last Five Years alongside Anna Kendrick. A seasoned Broadway actor and performer, it's no surprise that he excels whenever he sings. Seriously, he has a really powerful voice. Furthermore, Supergirl's resident whizz-kid also starred in Season 2 of Smash as the moody and sometimes aggressive Jimmy Collins. Although many fans weren't keen on the moody character, fans were quick to praise Jordan's performances, particularly his debut on the show with "Broadway, Here I Come".

Check out Jordan's incredible pipes as he belts out "Voice In A Dream" on Smash:

4. Jensen Ackles — 'Supernatural'

Dean Winchester can sing?! Ackles may hunt demons on TV for a living, but it turns out that he has quite the rockstar voice, too! I was aware that he could sing but never actually knew how awesome he was. Dean Winchester would definitely be proud of him! Be sure to check out this live performance of "Simple Man" at VanCon:

5. Grant Gustin — 'The Flash'

This one is something that the vast majority of people know by now, but it wouldn't have been just for me to create this list without featuring the Scarlet Speedster himself, Grant Gustin. Gustin first starred in the Broadway Revival Tour of West Side Story as Baby John. Then, in 2011, he got his first big TV break when he joined Glee as villanous warbler Sebastian Smythe. Despite being devious, fans loved Sebastian as he belted out many famous songs, including: "Stand" "Uptown Girl" "Smooth Criminal" and "Glad You Came". I love the fact that he was a major part of my life back then and still is now as The Flash — he is a joy to watch. Furthermore, he briefly showcased his vocals on Season One of The Flash when Barry had a little impromptu karaoke with Caitlin. Here's hoping we hear more of Gustin's awesome voice in the future! Check him out, performing One Direction's "Live While We're Young" (some slick dance moves too!):

6. Chyler Leigh — 'Supergirl'

Kara's big sister is a natural when it comes to singing. Leigh's other well-renowned role was as Dr.Lexie Grey on Grey's Anatomy. This amazing series was one of the many that followed the popular trend of featuring a musical episode, too! Of course, Leigh showcased her talents here. Check her belting out "Breathe" on the musical episode of Grey's Anatomy:

7. Carlos Valdes — 'The Flash'

Cisco may be the reliable sidekick of The Flash but did you know he actually has quite the amazing voice? Carlos Valdes went to the University of Michigan and studied alongside fellow musical TV actors such as Darren Criss. He also appeared in stage productions of High School Musical and The Wedding Singer as well as being a stand-in on the National Tour of Jersey Boys. This was one of my favorite discoveries because Valdes has an amazing tone to his voice - love it! Check him out performing "Open Your Eyes." I know he opened mine! What a voice!

8. Colton Haynes — 'Arrow/Teen Wolf'

This one I didn't know about until very recently, but it looks like Arrow's Roy Harper can belt out quite the notes. Despite being most known for his acting, particularly as Jackson Whittemore in MTV's Teen Wolf and Roy Harper/Arsenal in Arrow, Haynes is quite the musician and you can actually find a lot of uploads features him singing on YouTube.

Check out his powerful and quite frankly amazing duet of "19 You and Me" with New Heights. It kinda gave me chills. Awesome.

9. Katharine McPhee — 'Scorpion'

She may play Page Dineen on the incredibly popular series Scorpion but if you followed her career beforehand, you will know that McPhee came runner up on the fifth season of American Idol in 2006. She is a well-renowned artist having released multiple albums. Furthermore, she played one of the two lead roles in Smash and during her time on the show, she really showcased her amazing vocal range. Check her out performing "Don't Forget Me" from Smash. Both versions of this song still give me goosebumps!

10. Tom Cavanagh — 'The Flash'

"He's not a musician...some would say he's the reverse!" Sorry I couldn't actually resist that! Anyways, Tom Cavanagh may have portrayed the evil Reverse Flash/Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne posing as Harrison Wells on Earth-1 and the moody but good-hearted Harrison Wells on Earth-2, but Mr. Cavanagh also happens to be a very talented musician. He has a great voice, especially when accompanied by a trusty guitar! Here is his awesome impromptu rendition of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" on Ellen!


11. Stephen Amell — 'Arrow'

Yup, you read that right. It may not be as common knowledge as Gustin and Benoist, but the original hero in the Berlanti triangle of shows can sing too! The Green Arrow himself, Stephen Amell has been known to put on a show for his fans. And back in January, that was no different when he and fellow Arrow star and professional stage star John Barrowman performed an incredible duet of "Music of the Night" at Heroes & Villains FanFest. Powerful!

Now after reading all that (and seeing that the list is coincidentally filled with stars of superhero shows), my only question is: Where on earth is the The Flash/Arrow/Supergirl Crossover Musical Extravaganza?! Think about it: who wouldn't want to see Barry and Oliver and Kara try to outdo each other, fighting crime and singing at the same time?! Or Jeremy Jordan and Andy Mientus reunite with a Winn/Pied Piper duet?! The possibilities are endless so with all that in mind: Make it happen!

Anyways, there you have it! Many actors have hidden talents and those were just some of them! Obviously there is the whole cast of Glee and Smash but you would all already know that if you watched those shows. But if you think of anyone else, do post their names in the comments! Until next time: Happy reading (and singing)!

Which of these talented actors surprised you the most?


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