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Man, I could really go for a "Pepper Don't Preach" burger. Unfortunately, not every fictional restaurant has become a reality. We have all gotten excited over the fictitious restaurants that have come true, but there are still plenty of potentially great establishments that continue to exist only in the realm of fantasy.

With this list we will talk about the restaurants that exist within film and television that would make great real-life spots. Whether it's just a comfortable place to sit and do work, meet with friends, or grab some delicious food, there is something we could all enjoy about them. This list is in no particular order and it doesn't exempt any form of fantasy, live-action or animated. Also bear in mind that if you don't see a well known establishment, like Krusty Burger or Three Broomsticks, check out these fictional restaurants that actually became a reality.

14. Bob's Burgers

Source Material: Bob's Burgers

In addition to trying a signature burger, I'm sure it would be fun to hang out with Tina and discuss whatever she manages to come up with.

13. Jack Rabbit Slim's

Source Material: Pulp Fiction

We've all visited the real-life version of this 50's diner, Gunther Tooty's, but it's not nearly as fun without a dance contest or a bloody steak.

12. Paddy's Irish Pub

Source Material: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

As long as you don't forget something there, it's the best place to experience just about anything. Who is down to go see Electric Dream Machine tomorrow?

11. The Frosty Palace

Source Material: Grease

Anyone up for a double Polar Burger before catching a movie at the drive-in? They have some great shakes, too. That is unless they wind up on your date.

10. Merlotte's Bar & Grill

Source Material: True Blood

Something exciting always seems to happen at Merlotte's. Whether it's being influenced by a Maenad to destroy the town or finding a dead woman in the freezer.

9. The Krusty Krab

Source Material: Spongebob Squarepants

Aside from the curiosity of finding out just what a Krabby Patty tastes like, we can all relate to Squidward's attitude towards just about anyone who walks through the doors.

8. Tiana's Palace

Source Material: The Princess and the Frog

As if New Orleans cuisine wasn't good enough already, Tiana made it look even more delicious once her dream restaurant finally came true.

7. Cake Baby

Source Material: Bridesmaids

Annie only bakes twice in the movie, but it makes you wonder how good her bakery really was. It's a bummer the economy that shut her down and is preventing a real Cake Baby from opening.

6. Dorsia

Source Material: American Psycho

We just have to try that sea urchin ceviche. Well, that is if we can snag a reservation at this impossible to get in restaurant.

5. The Green Dragon

Source Material: The Lord of the Rings franchise

For any other second breakfast lovers, The Green Dragon would be the best place to grab a giant beer with your pals and snack on an abundance of bread and cheese. Plus, you're always welcome to start dancing.

4. The Double R Diner

Source Material: Twin Peaks

Something bizarre always seems to happen, but if the Double R ever became a reality we would know it's the best cherry pie we'll ever eat. Plus, we have to see if that "damn fine" cup of coffee beats out Starbucks.

3. Central Perk

Source Material: Friends

We all can look back at this "home away from home" for the characters of Friends with great nostalgia and wishful thinking. Were coffee shops really this much fun back in the 90s?

2. Monk's Cafe

Source Material: Seinfeld

Although the real-life inspiration, Tom's Restaurant, does actually exist in New York City, Monk's remains to exist in the realm of fiction. Where else could we enjoy a big salad, unlimited coffee refills, and a booth that is always available. Not to mention the best apple pie in the city.

1. Los Pollos Hermanos

Source Material: Breaking Bad

Money laundering and drug enterprise aside, this New Mexico food chain seems like the friendliest fried chicken joint of all time. Plus, those fried birds always looked so close to perfection.


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