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Jonny Lekrib is a street performer who does a puppet show on the promenade of Santa Monica, CA. Recently, he put his show online ( To most observers, the show is about a homeless guy trying to survive in the world. But to those who know anything about Selena Gomez, the show is much more. The entire series is based on the life of Selena. But, here's the catch: It never actually says her name. Nor does it acknowledge the diva through photographs. The show works by way of secret symbols that only her most loved fans will recognize. Jonny references her songs, quotes from her movies, commercials. One of his puppets is based on Selena. The opening credits list characters she’s played in movies and TV shows (example - directed by Alexander Russo). The first episode describes an analogy that Compares Selena to the mythical goddess Selene. Selena’s involvement with NPOs, Christianity, Texas, politics. To viewers who don’t know whats going on, this guy seems crazy. But to those who do, (the more you know Selena, the more you’ll pick up on) the show is brilliant!

Forget Justin. watch the series and decide for yourself if this is the guy to root for.


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