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So, here we are- after months of waiting it's finally here. But what is it about the Batman v Superman film that has fans so excited.

As a kid I grew up on Batman. First was the TV programme. I loved Adam West's Batman - the campness, the true 70's comic portrayal with vivid and mind blowing colour, KAPOWs and SPLATSs. It was OK as a child. Nothing harmful, good guys always won, the Bat Cave looked viable in a house - what was there not to love?

As a student I found my way into the graphics novels, limited editions, collection of 70's comics, crossovers, you name it I absorbed the lot. Batman wasn't the fun-loving character I had seen on Saturday morning TV. There was way less sateen for a start (thankfully), and it was dark. Dark, gruesome and the good guys didn't always win. As a student this appealed to me, it felt more realistic, more hard-hitting, he became more real. There was death and there were consequences.

I watched every Batman film that came out. Keaton shone, Kilmer for me was just wrong, Clooney - well even Clooney was embarrassed and ended up bringing Batman to a laughable form of child comic - certainly not his fault not indicative of his talent on the big screen. Nolan's Batman trilogy was just amazing. I loved it- really loved it and Bale was an amazing Bruce Wayne. The scene's in the prison were some of my favourite. His voice just didn't do it for me, so Batman he certainly wasn't.

Then came the casting of Affleck as Batman. Affleck? God, not Affleck? The guy who had murdered Daredevil? Everyone seemed up at arms, but for once I wasn't one of them. I could see it, Affleck as Batman and Wayne, but I didn't want to build my hopes up nor have them dashed. Affleck is a damn fine actor, and has proved himself time and time again. He got a tonne of grief for being cast as Batman, but then I think that's something he's dealt with for years.

As for Superman, I watched all the original Superman films with Christopher Reeve, it was the romanticism of a generation, the perfect curl, the glasses that could hid an obvious identity. Brandon Routh was OK but there's only so much you can do with a dire script (at let's be honest, he's so much better as the Atom). Cavill as Superman for me was an absolutely breath of fresh air. He looked right as both Kent and Superman, he had the steely-eyed gaze and also the vulnerability of someone carrying guilt and loss.

So the two combined - it's simply an argument that has always been. I remember discussions with an ex in Uni about who would win in a fight - he was Team Superman, I was Team Batman. I'm not sure we ever came to an answer- we certainly never reached agreement - could we ever?!

I have heard mixed reviews about the current film - some rave about it but there seems to be a lot of criticism - yet none from people I know. What makes a good film? Are the fans disgruntled fans of Batman or Superman? Maybe even Wonder Woman?

At least the stars can smile about the film - I have yet to see it (not for lack of trying), but I cannot wait.

If you saw it, what did you think? Survey available here.


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