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The Monday after a big superhero team-up on the big screen brought us one on the small screen. That's right. The highly-anticipated CBS's Supergirl and The CW's The Flash is finally here. And it was great.

The episode, titled "Worlds Finest", saw Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, coming from his world to Kara's. It is not explained how other than him running really fast, and actually will be explained in tonight's episode of The Flash, but that doesn't really matter. Barry and Kara strike up a quick (sorry) friendship and superhero partnership. They are just two happy superheroes being happy together. Just look how happy Kara is showing off her spaceship:

Barry wasn't only there to geek out with Kara. No, he was there to give her advice. National City is still scared of Supergirl after the red kryptonite incident and Kara is starting to get impatient. Barry reveals his own experience with going bad and tells her to wait it out. She agrees, but the show did not. After just two episodes, the public decides to trust her again.

This was one of the few things about this episode that I didn't like. Siobhan's makeover was another. But who cares?! Let's get to the race!

It wasn't really a race, but instead Kara throwing Barry back to his Earth. And than Kara kissed James. James turned out to be under mind control, and the Kryptonians have finally decided to do something.

The episode was great. It would have been fine as just a Supergirl episode, but it was made even better by Barry. And it makes me sad that it can't happen more often. Superheroes get a rep for being all dark and brooding. It's awesome when heroes can come together and just be happy. And I loved it.

What did you think about this week's episode? And would you like to see more crossovers?


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