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Off the extremely successful Deadpool film in which FOX produced, their next character to portray on the big screen; for the first time was nonother than the card flinging Gambit! As I have reported before, there has been numerous setbacks. But they looked to have overcome them, but we have further setbacks! With both Channing Tatum & Lea Seydoux ready to start filming this month, it seems further setbacks have been put in place. Solely due to FOX wanting to undergo further re-writes.

It's now widely reported that Gambit, will start filming in December this year. A substantial delay, given it was to premiere in October this year! Tatum's producing partner Reid Carolin is currently rewriting the original draft by Josh Zetumer, who previous credit was the RoboCop reboot.

The Gambit script has already had issues for a while now. Back in September of last year, director Rupert Wyatt abruptly backed out of the film in part because of concerns over the state of the project. Even Tatum at one point threatened to walk off the film. You would’ve thought that in the intervening months, especially with Doug Liman now set as the film’s new director, Fox would’ve worked out the potential issues, but they continue to linger. They’re lingering so much Liman is now expected to shoot another film, The Wall, before he starts on Gambit.

Gambit was always going to be a tough project for Fox. Though he’s a fan favorite, the film probably never would’ve even made it this far were it not for Tatum’s dogged determination to make the film. The studio has always never really seemed sure what to do with the character beyond and even with all this time to figure it out, they still don’t seem to know.

Gambit has been removed from Fox’s release schedule for now.


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