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The cast of The Walking Dead is speaking up about this season, deeming it the most insane yet. Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron, said he even had to put down the script when reading it, as it's the "craziest thing ever."

Norman Reedus has opened up to Deadline about his character Daryl Dixon, who appears to be in grave danger:

"Without a doubt, this whole season has been just completely ballistic. I will say that the Season 6 finale is the most hard-core finale we’ve ever done, if not the best episode we’ve ever done. I mean I saw a rough rough rough cut of it way back when and I was speechless for at least an hour. So hold on for the rest of this, because it gets real crazy."

Speechless, you say? If Reedus was speechless, how are we going to react? I expect our brains are just going to explode in our skulls.

In that case, bring it on.

The Walking Dead's Season 6 finale airs Sunday on AMC.

[Source: Deadline]


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