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He's coming! After months of anticipation, Negan will finally be arriving this Sunday in the season six finale of AMC's The Walking Dead. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is starring as the psychopath who is set to make his first appearance in a matter of days. Negan's presence has been felt a lot throughout the season, namely during the groups stay at the Hilltop camp and when Daryl, Sasha and Abraham had a run in with the bikers. But the question on everybody's lips is who will meet their maker when Negan arrives this Sunday? The series has strayed from the comic source material on multiple occasions, so this episode could be no different.


Glenn has had several near death experiences (and that's just this season!) recently, so perhaps the show creators are hinting that his time is up. Who could forget dumpstergate - the several weeks long debate over whether or not Glenn was dead after allegedly being eaten alive. Turns out Glenn managed to hide under the dumpster. Not long after we discovered Glenn was alive, he almost died again during the walker outbreak in Alexandria. With a baby on the way and living happily ever after with Maggie, is everything going to come crashing down for Glenn when the group come face-to-face with Negan?


Carol Peletier has had one of the greatest character development arcs in television history. Starting out as an abused mousy housewife and evolving into the biggest badass bitch on primetime, Carols' journey thus far has been remarkable. However, recently Carol has been having an identity crisis over her newly discovered ferociousness due to the amount of people she has killed. In the most recent episode Carol left Alexandria and is out on her own, so perhaps she will come face to face with Negan first? Having said that, Carol is the strongest character on the show and has proven time and again her ferociousness and capability of surviving on her own, so perhaps it won't be Carol that dies.


Maggie has had a similar character development to Carol. Though not as evident as Carol, Maggie has overcome the odds and evolved from a preacher's daughter into an action hero. Over and over, Maggie found Glenn and despite all odds, they appear happier than ever. We have to remember that the show is titled The Walking Dead, and thus not everybody gets a happy ending - so perhaps Maggie will die in the finale. Having said that, we last saw Maggie writhing in pain, so perhaps she is miscarrying or perhaps her baby is eating it's way out?


Arguably the most beloved character on TV, Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon has a fanbase like no other. Despite being an original character who did not exist in the comics, Daryl has ultimately become the heart of the show - with many claiming that they will not watch if Daryl were to die. Daryl's role expanded, like Carol, to a full-time character and just like his hair, has grown and grown over the seasons. Perhaps the show creators are planning a death that will forever scar the show (and the fangirls) in a way that will be irreversible - killing off their most beloved character.


Machine first came into the show as a ninja-like warrior, who befriended Andrea. Not much of a talker, Michonne liked to fend for herself, but ultimately she succumbed to the warmth and camaraderie of the group. She maintained her powerhouse personae, but she ultimately became one of the most lovable and down-to-earth characters on the show. Her relationship with Carl has provided viewers with some fun yet heartwarming moments. And lets not forget that Michonne and Rick finally got together this season. After months (and years) of speculation from the fans, the pair made it official. So now that Rick, Michonne and Carl are a happy little family, perhaps Michonne's time is up.

Or maybe it'll be none of the above. Perhaps it'll be someone else, someone we're not expecting at all. Perhaps we are just speculating too much. Probably not. What do you think? Who is going to meet their maker in the season finale of the Walking Dead?


Who is going to die in the season finale of The Walking Dead?


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