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Bryan Singer's latest installment in the X-Men franchise, X-Men: Apocalypse, will hit theaters in less than two months, and fans are eager to know what kind of threats our favorite mutants will be facing this time.

Based on the trailers we knew that Stryker would be play a role in the Apocalypse storyline, but now we officially have more details on how he will come to meet the X-Men again.

The latest issue of Empire (via Uproxx) reveals that Mystique, Quicksilver, Beast, and Moira MacTaggert are forced to face resident X-Men supervillain Colonel Stryker, played by Josh Helman:

“The quartet have been kidnapped by army twonk William Stryker following a cataclysmic event at the X-Mansion, and wake up in a holding cell. On a balcony above them, Stryker taunts his prisoners, demanding to know the whereabouts of Magneto.”

In the same interview Singer made it very clear that Hugh Jackman's character "didn’t fit into this particular story," but we're not buying it.

Just because Wolverine won't be a central character doesn't mean he won't make an appearance.

The description of the scene above doesn't reveal too much, it could be the perfect time for a very brief Wolverine cameo à la X-Men: First Class. The last we saw of Wolverine, he was being brought to land by the government with the help of Mystique disguised as Stryker.

The events left things pretty open for the character, but I have a feeling we could somehow see Wolverine in close proximity to the aforementioned holding cell. After all, X-Men cinematic history tells us that where there's a Stryker and a military bunker, there's a Wolverine.

'X-Men: Apocalypse' will be released on May 27.


Do you think Wolverine will make an appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse?

(Source: Empire via Uproxx)


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