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In advance of The Walking Dead season finale on Sunday, AMC has given us the first views of the much anticipated character Negan and his companion 'Lucille', a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

And if the comics are any guide, he means to make someone's skull a hot mess. But who? Glenn gets it in the comics, but after this past week's episode Daryl, Carol, Glenn, Michonne, Morgan, and Rosita are in the line of fire. Add to that Maggie's pregnancy crisis and probable trip to The Hilltop and you have Maggie, Rick, Carl, Abraham, and Eugene in the cross-hairs as well. Heck, let's just throw everyone in the mix!

I can't wait to see the amazing Jeffery Dean Morgan (Supernatural, Extant, Watchmen, Magic City, The Good Wife, and many others) sink his teeth into this role. I'm sure he'll knock it out of the park! (sorry)

And here he is!

courtesy AMC
courtesy AMC

So see the man, the myth, the legend on Sunday at 9 pm eastern for the super-sized 90 minute finale.


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