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If you're not caught up with 'The Walking Dead,' or have no interest in knowing details about future characters, this is your SPOILER ALERT. This point of view is based strictly off of the show, not the comics.

This Sunday marks the season finale of The Walking Dead. The second half has been filled with action and tense situations. Speaking of which, can you guys even remember everything that happened in the first half of this season? I am really over the insane mid-season breaks, it makes me feel disconnected with the story overall. But I digress.

If you haven't caught on yet, it looks like we are about to be introduced to an infamous character in The Walking Dead universe, Negan. As Leader of "The Saviors," we haven't even seen a shadowy glimpse of who he is in the show's world yet, but we definitely have felt his presence. So the big question is, do we even need to see him this season?

Here is why I feel we do not need Negan to make an appearance this season. For a show that has at times been criticized for dragging a couple of episodes, then giving us one good one, then dragging a few more, this second half has been very engaging. That's because the show has done a great job keeping us occupied with some great story arcs with the people of Alexandria. The best one for me was the one with Abraham and Rosita. I feel uneasy every time they are forced to interact with each other. Denise also completed her character growth before her death, though I am sure many of us wondered why it was so sudden. The big one of course was Rick and Michonne. There was a world wide collective "finally" when they got together. Why are there not more votes for this power couple of the year?! I'm just going to go ahead and call them Richonne. Leave me alone! That was hard.

Nothing like a woman in uniform, right Rick?
Nothing like a woman in uniform, right Rick?

There is another thing this season has going for it, and that is its ability to drive the story without a major villain. Now, you can argue that Negan is the obvious mastermind behind the Saviors, but the group only learned his name recently. But what the show has given us instead is some really amazing antagonistic characters. The Alpha Wolf Dwight, who took a bite to his crotch and now left us wondering how badly he wounded Daryl, and Paula, who is possibly the best one episode character the show has given us yet. When Paula (played by Urban Legend star Alicia Witt) was introduced, I was ready for her to take us the rest of the season as the group's next issue. She literally stole the episode. At the time I was speculating that maybe she was Negan's right hand woman, as she definitely was the shot caller. The show could have also explored deeper into her past then they allowed us to see.

Hello crazy eyes.
Hello crazy eyes.

Unfortunately for fans of Paula, she was killed in a brutal way. I suppose that the most horrible deaths in The Walking Dead are reserved for those who the writers know we will love to hate the most.

Uh, Ouch?
Uh, Ouch?

This all being said, the group still has to find Carol, and Dwight is still causing them problems. If the season ended without revealing what Negan looks like this Sunday, I wouldn't be upset in the least. It has been a fun season. Even though it's been "confirmed" we will see Negan in the season finale, we know he isn't a one episode character, so I hope we barely get a glimpse of him at the end. Let's just be honest Walking Dead fans and say, "see you next season, Negan!"

'The Walking Dead' finale is this Sunday, April 3rd at 9 p.m. Make sure to take the poll below, friends!

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