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The Devil has a plan and it's on Kickstarter!

What if the news began broadcasting live uncensored acts of killing and domestic terrorism sent in by a group of psychopaths? That's the Devil's plan and it's through a brand new action-packed horror film called Amerikan Hell!

Filmmakers, Robert Bryce Milburn and Nicholas Begnaud, are developing a new horror film that touches on how technology is a necessary evil, capable of exploiting radical ideology, and also the desperate nature of the 24-hour news cycle. A movie that hinges on believable ideas about terrorism and the media, and delivers real-world horror with style.

"Rob Zombie meets The Purge!" - The Independent Critic

This week they began crowdfunding to help produce this film. Through support of their fans via Facebook, they are currently making waves across the internet. Find out how you can be a part of their team through their Kickstarter campaign!

Concept art by Mike Yakovlev.
Concept art by Mike Yakovlev.

Synopsis: A church burns to the ground with a congregation locked inside and every local news source is desperately scrounging through rumors to get the full story before they’re live in a few minutes. When it seems like there’s no cohesive account, one young producer gets the tip of his career: the supposed group of psychopaths that have been terrorizing the region are offering not only the story but their personal footage of the horrors inside of the church as it all unfolded. Without a way of contacting them again, it’s on the poorly funded news station to juggle their integrity and rebroadcast the psychopaths’ footage or turn it over to the authorities.

Amerikan Hell has an impressive cast of some of your favorite horror icons, such as:

Lily (Hannah Fierman) from V/H/S (2012)

John Michael Paymon (Josh Mikel) from Last Shift (2014)

and The Killer (William Tokarsky) from Too Many Cooks! (2014)

The Larger Story: One central plot and backbone to the multi-protagonist design is that of Amerikan Hell, a wild four-man crew of terrorists who inspire allusions of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Their events are filmed by themselves and sent out live to any network bold enough to broadcast. They act as the deeply troubled and violently unpredictable central groups in such films as Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (1971), Danny Boyle's Trainspotting (1996), or Rob Zombie's The Devil’s Rejects (2005).

Whether conscious to their actions, what’s clear is that they act as the catalyst to a revolution no one asked for. Through these acts of violence and affairs, they also bring transparency to corruption and punish the wicked, dividing those who see them as a cause of necessary reform and those who see violence as violence. The television network executives fight over sponsorship with integrity versus competition, while the ambitious young producers in the making fight for the controversy and work to develop Amerikan Hell as reality programming.

"An unapologetic kick in the a** for societies practices in vanity and narcissism!" - Horror Movies Uncut
Concept art by Mike Yakovlev.
Concept art by Mike Yakovlev.

These filmmakers have gone into great depth into bringing this film to the silver screen. Go check out their Kickstarter campaign and enjoy a brand new horror unlike you've never seen before!

Below is page one from their screenplay "Amerikan Hell: The Devil Is Among Us!".

"Disturbing would be an understatement..." - Indy Red
"This script leaves me entertained and curious!" - Taylor Bingham (Designer)
"Amerikan Hell is sharply written, vivid, and tense!" - Charlotte Stauffer (Screenwriter)
"The central conflict is compelling as the main characters race the clock before the attack. These stakes keep the viewer engaged!” - The Black List


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