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Hey, this is just a quick post but I noticed something interesting. Lot's of people are using the different song theories in different ways but I've picked out a few points in particular and I think I may have found a connection. In last weeks episode there was a Johnny Cash song entitled, 'it's all over' there were lyrics picked out such as:

" I was broken in a million little pieces
It's all over, it's all over
Every minute that you cry for her is wasted don't you know
It's all over, it's all over, so forget her
Stop your crying' turn around and let her go, let her go, boy, let her go"

A few theories thought this was about Maggie or Sasha but I'm beginning to believe this is leading up to the death of Michonne. Not based on this alone, however. A buildup with Rick and Morgan's talk, about taking risks and his talk with Abraham about how he was ready to love again, even in a world where it could be taken away...

Sasha is another prime suspect in this though, would she pack a big enough punch to really give the creator's of the show the punch their looking for, I don't think so. She's really become a side character lately, though Abraham is beginning to vie for her affection possibly, she still doesn't grasp me much lately.

I think if it means anything it leans towards a love lost. Those always have a deeper level of impact because you immediately sympathize for those who lost them. The leaked song said to play in the finale 'This Ain't The End' it also seems to speak on this level. Maybe I am quick to leave Maggie out but I can only guess that with all the Glenn\Maggie drama that already occurred this season we may, instead, deal with a miscarriage of her baby. The only proof I could theorize about this, however, is how dark it would be, enough to prevent Laurie Cohan from wanting to come to set like she said in the interview. Could a miscarriage and a major character death be the darkness that awaits us right around to corner? That's what I got out of the last few episodes, and that's my theory about what the songs mean, maybe you have another. Leave thoughts in comments and here are the songs so you can do a little dissecting of your own.


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