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We getting ever closer to the most anticipated superhero film since, [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) which hit theatres over a week ago. On May 5, 2016, we will get to experience [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), finally. It really feels like we've been waiting an eternity for this one. I can't remember a movie that has been surrounded by more rumor and intrigues such as unconfirmed parts/cameos and script related events. One such event that has been confirmed (I mean, for the most part) through set leaks and photos, is the existence of a funeral scene, and possibly two. My instincts point to two, and I'll tell you why; anyone that has read the Civil War comic arc knows that the story hinges on two significant deaths, the first, will divide the heroes and the second, will unify them. Now, I'm not sure the Russo brothers will use the "funeral device" for the same purposes as the comics, but it has come up time and time again, in different ways that 'if you are going to portray war, you must present the consequences'. Having said that, there is neither hide nor hair of a funeral scene in either of the brilliant trailers, presented here for your enjoyment.

If death is a part of war, then we all have the right to mentally prepare ourselves, so with this in mind, let's take a look at the fate of these five MCU characters and, who might "kick the bucket" in Captain America: Civil War:

1. Margaret Elizebeth Carter AKA Agent Peggy Carter

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The earliest and most persistant rumour for CA:CW has been the funeral of Peggy Carter. Played by Hayley Atwell, Miss Carter has been a mainstay of the MCU since all the way back in Captain America: The First Avenger. Subsequently, she has been seen in several other films, including Ant Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron and starred in her own ABC-TV show, Marvel's Agent Carter for two seasons. At this point, her contributions have run their course and she will go down as one of the great "sixth men" in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Agent Carter is in her late 90's at this point and "natural causes" seems like the likely cause of death. She has been Steve Rogers' first and only love (let's see what happens with her grand daughter Sharon "Agent 13" Carter throughout this movie) and it makes sense that her story comes to an end here. It will serve as a reminder to Cap of the morals, values and principles that he's fighting for, and will give him the push he needs to stand up to Stark. As far as the timing is concerned, my hypothesis is that the funeral will fall somewhere between the (what appears to be) bombing of a UN facility, and the meeting with General Ross. This bombing, I think, will be a fourth event that Ross mentions after the three in the trailer (NY, DC and Sokovia), as our New Avengers vomit in their collective mouth's (b'cause they can). The Russo bros have said that there will be a major event to replace the "Stamford incident" from CW comics lore. The death of Peggy will remind Steve Rogers of what side he is on when Ross slides the Sokovia Accords across that board room table into the lovely hands of the witch called Wanda.

I'm pretty certain about this one; the chances of grannyfriend/ girlfriend buying the farm in Captain America: Civil War is:

4 out of 4 sheilds
4 out of 4 sheilds

This may not even signify the end of Agent Carter as there will, likely, be many flashbacks in the remaining movies in MCU phase 3, and the possibility of Season 3 for Marvel's Agent Carter still exists. But any future for this character seems out of the question.

While we are on the subject, death is rather temporary in the MCU, and with that, let me say that these others that I am presenting, probably, won't remain dead through the conclusion of phase 3, if they go at all. With other factors coming in to play like existing contracts for the actors, public discussions about the characters and the, ever present "geek leaks" (as I call them) that I am forever stumbling across, I believe one of these four will not make it out 'alive'...

2. James Rupert “Rhodey” Rhodes AKA War Machine (formerly Iron Patriot)

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I wasn't going to include "Rhodey" in this article, but there are sooo many people presenting this idea, that I wanted to state my case: The only reason anyone would think that Rhodes, played by Don Cheadle, will die is because of a knee-jerk reaction to the photo above. During, or after, the airport battle between the warring Avengers, War Machine is shot out of the sky (definitely NOT by the Winter Soldier, although the editers try to make you think that). Let's start with; they are NOT going to show an Avenger die in a commercial! Some of y'all arn't even tryin' now. BUT, to be sure, a severely injured friend will begin to inform Tony's attitude toward consequences of war. Secondly, they have one of the BEST actors on the planet in Cheadle, they will keep him as long as they can. I actually think Cheadle may get a shot at being Iron Man for a little while (keep reading). Lastly, yeah, I know we can get a bit too "politically correct" sometimes but, are they really going to introduce the greatest black superhero of all (Black Panther) and kill a different one off? The powers that be won't want people to think they have a cap on heroes of color. They want (I WANT) the MCU to reflect our world and culture.

That's enough, let's move on to the real controversy. I suppose Rhodey could fight hard and finally kick off at the end of the movie, but, not really. The chances of War Machine taking a dirt nap:

1/2 out of 4 sheilds
1/2 out of 4 sheilds

3. Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark AKA Iron Man

4. James Buchanon "Bucky" Barnes AKA the Winter Soldier

#himorme" title="">

I confess, most of my reasoning for this is just a feeling ( ). In my previous article, Why Is The Winter Soldier Trying To KILL Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War? I take the position that Ol' Buck is really trying to kill Iron Man/ Tony Stark AND vice versa, I'll let you read it if you want but, medium length story, very short -Stark weapon tech + assasinated parents = murderface- sums it up pretty well. Or perhaps you might like a Haastyle Haiku:

Stark tech hurts everyone

Winter Soldier made Stark cry

One will maybe die

- I'll spit some quick reasons about Tony Stark dying for us to discuss: 1. RDJ is tired; you can see it in his face, maybe a bit bored too. He has always been an independent spirit and the "bigness" of all this has to be wearing him down. 2. Diminishing returns; Iron Man 1 = great, Iron Man 2 = not great, Iron Man 3 = not terrible. Each movie has lowered expectations and now; 3. He's getting to play the "villian", and this may be the last interest he has in the MCU. See, none of these are story related so, I really don't think he's outta here yet but, probably, during the Infinity Wars project. Don't expect any more cameos or many interviews from RDJ before we say goodbye to our beloved Iron Man (hey Rhodey, I have a job for you... )

As for the Winter Soldier, the opposite is true. Some quick reasons why Sebastian Stan's iconic character will be around for a long time. 1. Stan is young and game; look at him on camera, on set, and in interviews, man, this kid's got game, he's lovin' this shit. 2. The Winter Soldier still has a lot of story to tell; I wanna see it, don't you? 3. Based on the rest of this article and the aforementioned article, he's might have a sweet new gig by the end of CA:CW (). The main reason that I think he might bite the dust is all story driven from an MCU standpoint. It would be the most surprising thing that could happen! Again, he doesn't have to stay dead, if you will, but, it would leave Cap CRUSHED going in to the Infinity Wars. It would be shock value, pure and simple, do I think it's really gonna happen? Well:

The chances of either Tony or Bucky meeting their maker in Captain America: Civil War sit at a little less than 50/50:

1 1/2 out of 4 shields
1 1/2 out of 4 shields

5. Steve Rogers AKA Captain America

#toast#toast" title="">

Now for my biggest proposition, the DEATH of Captain America! It's funny, suddenly after the events of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice this doesn't seem so controversial; maybe even a little copycatty? Of course that wouldn't even be possible based on production schedules and the secracy they all pride themselves on, but here's why I'm sure Cap is a goner.

First of all, it's canon in the comic book arc. While many have lamented that there are not enough characters for a "Civil War" event, vitually ALL the characters are there for playing out the death of Cap pretty much by the book, if you will. Non-followers are wondering "who's this Crossbones guy?", "what's an Agent 13?/ who's the blonde?", "Baron Zero... uh, I mean, Zemo? what's that?". To their credit, the honchos at Marvel, have kept the Zemo storyline a complete secret so far, I think his introduction will signify the beginning of the end for our, soon to be fallen son.

Imagine this; the "Civil War" essentially concludes with the battle at the airport and there remains nearly an hour of running time in the movie and we have not seen any significant footage of it. It sure looks like that's where Rhodey got shot down. Tony is distraught, and Cap, now reminded of the consequences of their conflict, decides to turn himself in, peace is at hand. Maybe Dr. Faustus will reprise his role from Agent Carter () or maybe Zemo will fill the "brainwasher" role. Everyone will finally understand why Crossbones and Sharon Carter are a thing...

Captain America goes to his great reward:

4 out of 4 broken Cap shields
4 out of 4 broken Cap shields

This is the only way this can go down (not really; let me have it). The near flawless (Steve Rogers as) Captain America trilogy comes to an end. Peg is dead, Cap is dead and we are left with a new, young Captain America in Bucky Barnes who is well prepped to help T'Challa defend Wakanda in the movie Black Panther, coming soon (and be the cornerstone of Phase 4). Don't worry, Steve Rogers will be back in the Infinity Wars at some point but, Steve Rogers.

Seriously, the only way I could be more sure, is if they named the movie "Captain America 3: SPOILER ALERT - The Death of Captain America".


Which superhero do you think will croak?


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