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Warning: Potential 'Captain America: Civil War' spoilers ahead. Read at your own caution.

It is no secret that the confirmed main villain for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) is none other than the great Baron Zemo. That said, we have yet to see any evidence that Baron Zemo will be in this film. Or have we? Notice that I mentioned that we have yet to see him, but we might have already seen his actions. Here's what we're looking at.

Mind Control

One of the least talked over items about Baron Zemo is his countless attempts to rule the world using mind control. So could it be possible that his mind control is being put to use in the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer. Still not convinced? Well, take a look at these.

Bucky Barnes

We all know that more than likely Bucky Barnes will undergo some form of relapse of his mind washing from his days as the Winter Soldier. So it's understandable given that fact the Bucky killed off Tony's parents that Bucky would want to execute Tony (when back in his brain washed state).

Now, I would like to counter this point by asking the question of what if Bucky is under mind control but it's not a relapse at all? What if this is none other than the actions of Baron Zemo himself? After all, Baron Zemo was the one who originally tried to give Bucky a bad reputation back in the Civil War comic book storyline.

Not to mention, that we are probably dealing with Baron Helmut Zemo in the film — who is the son of the great Nazi scientist Baron Heinrich Zemo. Baron Heinrich Zemo (his father) was killed of during World War II and was an enemy of Captain America. Baron Helmut Zemo then grew up learning his father's Nazi principles and blamed Captain America for his death. Therefore, brain washing and framing Bucky would be a perfect first step for him to get back at Captain America in the film. This act would also help turn Tony Stark even further against Captain America so that perhaps Tony would do more of the heavy lifting in the Cap's capture.


Exhibit B
Exhibit B

The shot above has to be easily one of the most talked about clips from the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer. The trailer itself tries to depict that Bucky Barnes is the one responsible for the shooting down (and the potential killing) of War Machine (James Rhodey). That said, some have speculated that this act was instead performed by the Vision, leaving fans of all kinds scratching their heads.

Team Iron Man
Team Iron Man

Why would Vision do such a backstabbing act if he is supposed to be a pure individual? The answer is that he wouldn't. This may be in fact another mind control action performed by Baron Zemo. I know this might be a stretch considering this is the Vision that we're talking about, but let's not forget that Baron Zemo is very much a genius in his own right. So it is not that far out of the question that this very well could be what is happening in this shot.

It's also worth noting that this would be another very good way of making Tony Stark's resentment of Captain America even deeper. I mean come on, the guy is trying to frame Cap for the attack (and potential killing) of Tony Stark's best friend. When you think about it, it's actual very Lex Luthor of Baron Zemo to be doing this. All aside, this would actually be a great storyline to see actually play out on the big screen.

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments down below.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6, 2016.


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