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(Spoilers for the 'The Flash,' 'Supergirl,' and 'BvS')

When Silver Banshee is painting her face, what does she think about? "I look super-awesome, right LiveWire?" That's not important, but it's something I thought I should bring up.

I loved the crossover event with Supergirl and The Flash! After watching last night's episode of The Flash, everything makes sense on how he traveled to Kara's Earth. I thought there would be a lot more consequences of Barry traveling through time, but everything seems hunky dorey! But we still have no clue when Barry gains the speed for inter-dimensional space-travel to visit Kara's Earth?

So, when Barry is speaking with Kara about the different Earths in their Universe, the way he talks about the different universes really makes you wonder about the Crime Syndicate.

The awesomeness known as Winn, asked Barry about the Earth "where we're all evil?" Barry responded "Been there, it sucked!" There's no way he was talking about Earth-2, because he and Iris weren't evil (or maybe he was?) The show's timeline is now very zany, due to him wearing the Tachyon Accelerator that Eobard gave him in the episode after Supergirl. Will we see him traveling to different places before his battle with Zoom? Probably not, but there's still some episodes left this season.

The way the CW's shows have made things seem, Barry and Oliver's Earth-1 is the main one. In regular DC Comics, the main one is Earth-2. Yes, this is extremely confusing and very difficult to write about. I totally understand Marvel's reasoning on keeping everything in one universe.

The Blur

Darn you Cat Grant! I must give props to DC for making anyone a possibility. I know this is Kara's show, but we need Tom Welling on Supergirl. He's the main reason why I love Superman. With that tease of his old nickname that The Daily Planet gave him in Smallville, and it's now on Supergirl (The Blur).

Plus, this show is making Superman look like a dick for not visiting his cousin at least once. This would fit perfectly in the season finale. He stills looks every bit as super as he once did on Smallville! Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure Cat Grant knows Kara's Supergirl. This makes a lot of what she says to her in their one-on-one chats make sense — that much more meaningful. She knew Barry was The Flash faster than he got them ice cream. There's no way I was the only one thinking "How the heck did that ice cream not fall off?"

The Crime Syndicate is what would happen if all good guys went bad and no — I'm not talking about Batman killing people in Batman v Superman. By the way, I thought that was a great movie and I still cannot understand why all the critics Bat-Shamed it. I am going to re-watch Supergirl and The Flash to see if I missed any more Easter Eggs. My question to you: Was this a possible Easter Egg to the Crime Syndicate in "The World's Finest"? Barry wasn't talking about Earth-3, but he definitely got me excited for an awesome crossover!

Why did Silver Banshee only get LiveWire a 7-Pack of beer?

I'm still trying to figure out how Silver Banshee broke into the DEO and got LiveWire out? I am also still trying to understand this curse. It makes a little sense that Kara getting her fired was the worst thing that ever happened to her. I'm just not going to think about the plot, I'm sure they'll have next season to work on it (I hope so!). I will update this article a tad later with further analysis (a.k.a. I don't feel well and I'm going to binge-watch some great television!) of any indication if we might see this on the small screen!

Do you think we possibly could see Earth-3 on the small screen?


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