ByNoah Aguon, writer at

Today I have a new theory about the star wars character JarJar Binks.

He is known as an annoying character who accidently does stuff right.

But what if it's part of an ultimate plan to take over the galaxy?

I have some proof about my theory.One piece of evidence is he uses the force

in some situations. Like in episode on the phantom menace when he takes Qui-gon Ginn and Obi-wan Kenobi to his home world underwater he uses a force jump to

jump into the water.If you disagree with me then listen to this evidence for the evidence.No one other then force users or force sensitive people can do something

like that.I don't know any creatures in the starwars universe that can do acrobatics

like that.My other piece of evidence is if you watch the phantom menace closely

you can see Jar Jar go behind different people and use jedi mindtrick.

you have to watch it slowly.My last piece of evidence is he persuades Padme to rank him up In the senate and he lets Palpatine to be the senator.

So that is my theory for today.Thank you for reading my theories.


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