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It seems this movie has taken people by surprise on its harsh critiques. I personally enjoyed it, but it could have been much better. Now I will say some major spoilers so if you haven't seen this movie stop reading... Now.

The ending to BvS, Superman's death, was something right from the comic books. So why did it surprise so many people? Was it because there was so much going on in the movie, and add to that the 30% on Rotten Tomatoes. A lot of people went in there with some mixed expectations. To some fans the second we saw Doomsday in the spoiling trailer, we knew that if they stuck to the comic, the man of steel was MAYBE going to die, MAYBE. The story of Doomsday involves Superman's death there is no going around it. The comic book is called "The Death of Superman", you can't miss it. But since this was suppose to be the initiation movie to the Justice League, many doubted such an ending. But it didn't matter cause Superman comes back to life at the end of that comic book story, so might as well have it in the movie. Since they were basing many things from the "Dark Knight Returns" comics, such as for example the armor batsuit and the nuclear blast to Superman making him really skinny, then they might as well have played along with Doomsday's story. So was it a surprise to see Superman die. No.

a shot from the animated movie (the superior movie)
a shot from the animated movie (the superior movie)

The real heroes of this movie are ................. Their grandparents for naming their daughters Martha.

If Clark's mom wasn't named Martha, Batman would've totally impaled him with the kryptonite spear.


Were you surprised at the ending of BvS?


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