ByTyler Lux, writer at

So the movie has been released and we can all agree that we will disagree on who the best Batman is. I have to say the seeing Ben Affleck as Batman was great. Yes he kills without remorse, he drinks and thinks nothing of it and yes he did watch on as bad things happened. But that is the Batman that speaks to our humanity. None of us are perfect and for once we had a batman that was not perfect. If we were at a job for twenty years and been through a lot of life's changes I am positive those emotions inside of us would change as well. And based of the comic by Frank Miller and his version of Batman I do not think anyone has pulled off in a comic book based Batman like Ben Affleck did, let alone had a writer that wrote him so perfect for the role he was suppose to have in the film. The only other person to play Batman that was great in my mind was Michael Keaton and now it is Affleck's turn to put a spin on the modern day Batman that is not so PC (Politically Correct). And those who do not agree are probably the same people who clapped for Kaitlyn Jenner at the ESPY'S. Anyways we live in a PC world and to see something that speaks to our emotions as people, I could not ask for a better version of Batman and my hat is off to what I saw in Batman V Superman: Dawn of justice.

Honorable Mention also goes out to Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. She was great as well.


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