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Warner Brothers has been good enough to release a video of a deleted scene from Batman vs Superman. This article from this point forward will contain possible spoilers at your own peril.

The new deleted scene just released contained an image of a character from the New Gods. The New Gods are the race which births the probable big bad guy of the Justice League movie, Darkseid. The scene takes place in the birth/cloning chamber that Lex Luthor used to clone Zod into the murdering monster Doomsday. By the way, WB left the door open for a future version of Doomsday to return by talking about the cloned Doomsday was not the first abomination created as it had been done on ancient Krypton. Anyway, back to Darkseid. In the deleted scene, the birthing cloning chamber has Lex Luthor talking to a ghostly looking figure who looks like he's wearing a Viking outfit and the disappears. This is a direct reference to the New Gods and, most likely, is a character named Yuga Khan. Khan is actually the father of Darkseid, and in the Comics, thought to be more of a threat to the Universe than Darkseid. There has been speculation that the image may be another New Gods character named Steppenwolf, which is definitely possible, but the character is almost assuredly Yuga Khan. Here's why. In the new 52 DC Comics, the character SHAZAM is a hero given his powers by Gods. One of those Gods being one Yuga Khan. The SHAZAM titles are written by DC Chief Creative Officer and Comics writer extrodinarre Geoff Johns who gave major input on Batman vs Superman. So all told, with Yuga Khan appearing, albeit in an extended version, and all of the clues(i.e. Omega symbol,Parademons,Lex's rant about space gods) included in BvS, we are going to have the Justice League interacting with the New Gods. Here is a shot of Yuga Khan and Steppenwolf. Either way, we can't lose with the New Gods. I'll also post a link so you can decide for yourself.

This is Yuga Khan.

This is Steppenwolf.

I can't wait to see the New Gods and Darkseid as they're some of the most extraordinary characters in DC Comics history. Many fans may be familiar with Darkseid as they've appeared in the SUPERMAN Animated series, Justice League animated series, and in the early 1980's, the last two seasons of the Super Friends animated series.

I am going to tell my bias from the beginning. I loved Batman vs Superman and,sadly enough, have seen it four times now. I previously wrote an article on the movie about the appearance of the New Gods with Darkseid and one part of it was incorrect. I thought the man coming through the portal in the Knightmare was Vykin the Black, and instead, it was the Flash. My bad and I own my mistake.


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