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"I'm Supergirl."- Kara

"You're who now?"- Barry

"I'm The Flash."- Barry

"The who now?"- Kara

The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Barry Allen paid a visit to a new city this week, National City. Kara's city And they become your new instant BFF's.

When the SupergirlxTheFlash crossover was announced not too long ago, everyone knew it would be a great one. Because why not? Barry and Kara teaming up for an episode? With their cute and quirky and utmost ADORKABLE selves? Umm...yes please!

Those two have that natural ability of just being so amazing together so much as so they are quite literally the same person! Their chemistry is phenomenal. Maybe it's because they are both just wonderful and charming actors that they were able to be perfect without actually trying to be. Gah, how I love them so. Their interactions during the crossover episode was one that had you wanting more!

Here's why:

When Barry flashed super fast and brought Kara some Ice Cream and she was probably the happy person in the world at that time. SO. CUTE. LOOK AT HER REACTION.

When Barry began nerding out over Kara's spaceship. Because, you know, superheros that nerd out together, become the best of friends.

...And then Kara joined in by letting him know it's hers!

Barry is from another universe but that doesn't mean he never felt the struggle of being good in the eyes of the public. Barry and Kara have that sense of similarity in a way where they are both superheros, fast as ever of course but their city means a lot to them. And all that they want is to make their city proud and keep it safe. When Kara was feeling down about that, no doubt that Barry would step in and help her through it. BFF goals, FOR REAL.

Then he tells her to "Keep doing good work. Don't worry about the rest. The public will forgive you."

They are so infectiously cute together that even James, got jealous. Remember when Oliver was jealous of Barry when he and Felicity became instant buddies? Well, that happens when you vibe with Barry Allen. Sorry guys, but this friendship is here to stay!

"And I'm also here to steal yo girl, but nice to meet you!" HAHA. Had to.

These dorks are too hard to NOT love. We need more crossovers of them two! We need more! Their chemistry is on point and they are the coolest pair.

Same Kara, same.

Don't you just love these two?


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