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Oh the hype. The hype. The momentous hype. The monumental hype. It was real. It was all very much real.

Yes, the new Batman movie (or Superman movie?) isn't all a bed of roses. It's the furthest away from that, actually. But what most of the critics forget is that it was always meant to be that way.

This isn't some happy Superhero camaraderie story. It's a devilishly dark and gritty tale of colliding ideologies. That too of two of the most influential and idolized Superheroes of all times.

It had to be dark. And bah gawd it is!

Pick your sides.
Pick your sides.
'Yes yes, kill him' -Lex Luthor to Superman.
'Yes yes, kill him' -Lex Luthor to Superman.

The movie begins right where Man Of Steel ended. And it takes place way after the Christopher Nolan time frame. Robin has come and gone. The way of the Dodo bird. Get it? Eh!

It starts with Bruce Wayne driving around Gotham, following the fight between Superman and General Zod. Trying to save lives on the way.

But a Batman movie almost always features someone dying whom Batman was trying to save. Here it's like half of the city. Thousands.

That kind of a carnage and destruction can lead one on a path of revenge. That is exactly where this movie sets it's direction in. Batman vows to take revenge for his city, his people. And stats planning on how to kill Superman.

Now, this is where it gets a bit crowded. Enters Senator Finch (played on a single note by Holly Hunter), and she wants Superman to appear in front of the jury so that he can be punished for destroying half of the city,

He did good. He did really good in parts.
He did good. He did really good in parts.

Then it gets even more crowded. Enters Lex Luthor, the prepubescent billionaire whackjob. Who, for some yet unexplained reason wants to get his hands on the piece of rock (Kryptonian) found in the Indian Ocean. He goes to meet Senator Finch, to get her to agree with lifting import ban on the piece of rock. He plays his character well. He feels like the maniac he is supposed to be. But I guess that's just Eisenberg being Eisenberg.

Obviously, she denies that. And that leads Mr Luthor to have a case of hissy fit.

in comes another character, a Wayne Enterprises employee who lost his legs because of Superman. He wants revenge.

Oh, how wonderful!
Oh, how wonderful!

In comes yet another character, Diana Prince. Who steals Batman's hacking drive which Batman used to steal some information about the White Portuguese from Luthor's system.

Who's White Portuguese? 'Not a man', as Alfred said.

Among all these things going on, Batman is preparing himself for the ultimate showdown in the history of showdowns.

Oh and did I forget about the dream sequences and the flashbacks? Trust me I've been trying to. They just didn't belong in the movie. Their entire purpose was to establish characters and storylines for the Justice League movie. They just didn't belong in BVS. All they do is hamper the movie's narrative. Just like they did with this review's.

Now, coming back to BVS. Of course, Superman will show up for the trial, and then Boom goes the dynamite. Which leads to Superman being a lot more cynical about the state of Humans.

And then we get another one of those flashbacks. Look, there's The Flash! In a 'Flash'-back. Ba-dum-tsssssssss.

Moving on, the movie could have been much more coherent if it wasn't for the repeated attempts at establishing the Justice League narrative.

One movie at a time? No, Sir Zack, you certainly don't.

But it's not all bad, it's actually a damn good film. Why?

Best. Batman. Ever!
Best. Batman. Ever!

For starters, this is the best Batman on film yet. Yes, the best Batman ever.

Keaton's was the Best Bruce Wayne, Bale's a good combination of Wayne and Bat. But Affleck's the best of both worlds. He's brutish like in the comics.

And all those complaints about Batman shooting and killing bad guys. You guys know nothing. The 'no kill' rule was unofficially imposed for on-screen representations of Batman so that they can make it kid friendly, and the White Night. He's called the Dark Knight for a reason, you know. In the comics, he has shot and killed plenty of bad guys, so your arguments lay invalidated even before you make them.

Oh and there's Wonder Woman too. Oh how wonderful. That Diana Prince girl? Yeah, her. I certainly hated the casting choice when it was announced that she will play Wonder Woman. But boy, was I wrong. She IS Wonder Woman. And bah gawd she is kickass!


Who is your favorite modern on-screen Batman?

Superman, as usual, was the usual. This is not the best Superman incarnation on-screen. Let's just reeve it there (heh). To be honest, I knew, I'd be routh'ing (heh) for the other character. You know, Batman.


Who is your favorite modern on-screen Batman?

Louis Lane is all sorts of irritating in this movie. So, it's kinda like Man Of Steel all over again.

The movie, if it had been edited by someone capable enough, would have been a colossal epic. But where it stands now, it's still nowhere near the calamity most of the critics are claiming it to be.

It's certainly not perfect, but it's definitely not rotten.

Do yourself a favor, watch it. And then lose all your faith in the critics.

It's like the critics hated it for not being The Avengers (or a marvel movie). I, for one, liked it because.

I'm glad it ain't Disney-fied in any possible way. And I'd like to see more superhero movies like this. Minus the obvious franchise setup hiccups in them.

Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg files, anyone? No? Have a look here Zack!

It certainly deserves a better review than the criminally made Avengers 2, or The Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2. It's much better than those. And yet, they give it a worse rating than that Daredevil movie? The critics are totally not biased or blind. Totally. I mean, a 100%. Not blind. Or Biased. Probably both. Or not.

If you wanted a kid friendly Superhero movie, go watch Avengers 1 and 2 instead. That's where you belong. And don't get me wrong, I loved The Avengers(1), Iron Man (1), Captain America (1 & 2). But I hated Avengers 2, The Amazing Spiderman (1 & 2), Thor (1 & 2).

I'd give it a respectable 7.5 out of 10. If Avengers 2 deserves a 75% rating, BVS deserves an 80.

This is the Clash Of The Titans.
This is the Clash Of The Titans.

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