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In the episode "Flashback," we see Barry travel back in time to find Eobard Thawne in order to get hold of the speed force formula to make him faster. Unfortunately, he gets knocked off course, and enters the Season 1 timeline too early, and ends up being knocked out by the Pied Piper — but then an even bigger threat comes into play, known only as the time wraith. Now let's count down the top moments from the episode.

1. Barry Goes Through Time!

It's all in the title; "Flashback." Barry goes through time and this time, he does it on purpose. He ends up back at the moment when Team Flash faced the Pied Piper.

2. Harrison Wells Catches Barry Out

Having traveled through time long before Barry ever could, Harrison Wells a.k.a. Eobard Thawne had already encountered a time wraith. Realizing that Barry was acting strangely, he concluded that this must be a Barry Allen from a different time.

3. Barry Demands Eobard's Help

After discovering that this Barry was from another time, and that he was still alive, would mean Eobard had lost and Barry had won. Barry lies in order for the then Harrison Wells to tell him how to become faster. Finally he discovers that the answer is tachyons.

4. Barry Learns That He And Eobard Aren't The Only Speedsters

Harrison Wells (Eobard Thawne) tells Barry that there are more speedsters out there...

5. Eddie Makes A Reappearance

Yep, for all you big Flash fans, you would probably know that Eddie died back in Season 1, and tonight we got to see him again. I don't know about you, but that moment really hit me hard in the last few minutes of the episode, and even throughout the episode in general.

Tell me how pumped you are for Episode 18, where we will finally find out how Zoom came to be...


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