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Jessica Harmon

AzMarie Livingston, Torrei Hart, Simone Shephard, Aeriel Miranda, Jazsmin Lewis, Erica Mena, Brian Hooks, Eric Roberts, Billy Blanks and Laura Govan will star in Almost Amazing, a new romantic comedy currently shooting in Los Angeles.

Pic, in the vein of Why Did I Get Married?, tells of a group of three men who run a professional breakup agency but are failing to end their own deteriorating relationships. Writer-director Justin Price’s script reminds us that letting go is harder than it seems..

Other cast include Simone Shephard, Billy Blanks, Alisondra Alexander, Matthew Simmons, Taylor Carter and Eddy Herrero.

Producers are Price, Khu, Reno Rankin, Matthew Simmons and Eddy Herrero.


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