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'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'
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Nineties kids, brace yourselves. Former teen queen Melissa Joan Hart stopped by FABLife on Monday and oh so casually dropped a bombshell: reboots of her two iconic TV shows, Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and Clarissa Explains It All are potentially in the making.

When asked if there is a future for either show, Melissa replied:

"I'm going to a meeting after this."

Naturally the studio audience went crazy, but Melissa was quick to keep things in perspective:

“It’s a meeting, hold on, let’s slow down. Take a step back. They’re throwing around Clarissa and Sabrina ideas. It depends on who’s going to give up rights, who’s going to do it, how’s it going to be done — it’s a lot of politics and we are nowhere near doing anything.”

But still! The fact that a reboot is even on the table is pretty great news. Watch the full clip below:

Just a few weeks ago, Hart hinted to the Huffington Post that she might be reprising her role in the future. She told them:

“There’s a lot of talk about it. I feel like almost every day, somebody’s calling me about it. Would we do it? Should we do it? How do we do it? I think the thing about reboots is they’re really hard to do. They’re hard to do right. I think sometimes it’s better to just leave it in the past unless you do it really, really great."

And don't we all think it could be really, really great?! She went on to say:

“I feel like it can be a career-killer if it’s not done right. You know, ‘Girl Meets World‘ and ‘Fuller House‘ have had success, but there are so many coming out now, it’s like, ‘Where is the original idea?’ So, in some ways, I’d rather move forward than look back.”

Yep, we have to agree. Let's look forward to the reboot. While Melissa and co. are sorting through the "politics," we can take the time to consider what our dream continuations might look like. A wedding for Sabrina and Harvey? Clarissa's daughter genuinely hyped to borrow her mom's old clothes because they're actually cool again? Salem's time as a cat is finally up and he returns as a human?!

We've got questions and we want answers. Do us all a favor, Melissa, and just point the finger and make this shit happen!

What would you like to see in a new series of 'Clarissa' or 'Sabrina'?


Which show would you rather see rebooted?


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