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WARNING: Do NOT try what you're about to see at home.

You know, why don't you just listen to the warning from the guys themselves:

Mythbusters brought us a lot of incredible discoveries, and even inspired us to try some at home — ripping a phonebook in half, anyone? Of course, they did try a lot of stuff that was way too unsafe to DIY (e.g., you CANNOT actually catch a bullet in your teeth). But can you believe they came up with something so risky they had to destroy the evidence and swear themselves to secrecy?

Source: GIPHY
Source: GIPHY

In a Q&A at the Silicon Valley Comic Con, Adam Savage revealed that there was one myth they busted that was so downright dangerous they agreed never to air it on TV, lest anyone wanted to use it for nefarious purposes.

Watch his shocking answer here:

One fan asks what was the biggest disaster they ever faced behind the scenes?

Adam wondered out loud about how to answer that one:

I'm wondering how specific to get... The biggest disaster we had was Kari, Grant and Tory were investigating an easily available material and its supposed explosive properties. What they found out was so explosive that we destroyed the footage and agreed never to say what we learned. Seriously.


Savage then goes on:

DARPA just put out the request for civilians to design bombs that might be really hard for them to deal with. I wrote to them about this. I'm sure they already know about it — many bomb techs do. It was absolutely terrifying.

He didn't say whether or not DARPA — that's the government agency responsible for advanced research projects — got back to him, although they should probably be grateful that the Mythbusters had the good sense to destroy the footage! Maybe they prevented a serious catastrophe!

What do you think about this explosive bust?

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